5 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

Global demand for energy has spiked at a time when the planet faces critical decisions about the future use of fossil fuels. Projections suggest a 34% increase in energy consumption worldwide over the next twenty years, all while governments work to urgently steer Earth on a path towards zero net emissions by 2050. The world […]

What to Look Out for When Considering a Lighting Upgrade

A lot of context-dependent factors go into good lighting. There is no standard or catch-all solution that you can instantly apply to improve your lighting system. It’s crucial to bear in mind that making the wrong lighting choices can wind up doing more harm than good. Lasting success comes from working with experts who learn […]

What’s your sustainability score?

A part of running a successful business is managing risk and preparing for the future. Increasingly the risk-management narrative has centered around the topic of sustainability.

Energy Incentives

Reduce the upfront cost of your LED lighting project by securing electrical utility incentives/ rebates. Energy incentive management is meticulous and time-consuming work. Our incentives management team are experts who make this process seamless.