Energy audit

Uncover efficiency opportunities within your lighting system

Why perform an energy audit?

Energy audits are an essential part of our proprietary approach to designing customized lighting solutions. 

We need to understand your current lighting system. We’ll measure precise level–light-levels, foot candles, fixture counts, and establish a baseline. From this we’ll understand exactly how to provide the lighting system you need to will develop a selection of options for review.

An energy audit is the first step to truly optimized performance and efficiency.

PEC has saved over 3 BILLION kWh for it’s customers. That’s the equivalent of over 2,352,278,489 BILLION pounds of coal burned! 

What does an audit look like?

We know exactly how and where to measure and our team will move efficiently avoiding any disruption to your operation. This information is key to understanding your site and is the foundation to building your custom-designed lighting solution.

Site Evaluation

Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your site — compiling existing infrastructure data, measuring building dimensions, and performing a complete on-site analysis.

Energy review

We do a deep dive into your energy usage. By gathering intel on your current energy use we can build a clear picture of where waste lays in your facility. This data will be used to develop an energy-efficient proposal.

Lighting analysis

Our rigorous assessment includes light measurements and fixture counts to objectively evaluate the performance of your current system. By taking these readings and learning what you do we’ll gather a full understanding of how to meet your objectives.

We have worked with over 8000 companies in all 50 states and throughout Canada. That's a lot of impact!

One of North America's most experienced energy audit companies

What makes PEC so different? Our combination of experience, expertise, and commitment to extracting maximum efficiency out of your space.

Our secret sauce lays with our experienced team who know exactly how to measure your lighting and who will guide and educate you through every step of the process.

We have worked with some of the biggest businesses in the world and have faced some of the most complex challenges in this industry.  

Jake Gilan - Lighting Project Manager

When auditing a project, the PEC Project Management Team measures past & present energy levels, confirms foot candles, fixture counts, mounting types, powering, and controls to ensure that the tailored lighting solution we propose improves the aesthetics, efficiency, and safety standards of your business

– Jake Gillan, Assistant Project Manager, PEC

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IKEA LED Lighting Retrofit

53% Energy reductions & $4M+ annual savings

With 74 projects across 23 states, our projects are generating massive efficiency gains and savings for IKEA.

West Fraser LED Lighting Retrofit
West Fraser

56% Energy reduction & vastly improved lighting

See the difference for West Fraser with vastly improved light levels and huge efficiency gains.

Alaska Airlines LED Lighting Retrofit Project
Alaska Airlines

Award winning solutions

See how this energy efficiency project for Alaska Airlines implemented smart lighting solutions technology to significantly reduce energy and help them meet their sustainability goals.

Vigor Industrial LED Lighting Retrofit Project
Vigor Industrial

165% Light level increase with large efficiency gains

One of the largest projects in the history of the Energy Trust of Oregon. See the outstanding savings and incentives we were able to leverage for VIGOR.

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Uncover precise and predictable energy use data from your current lighting system.

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