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Mt. Hood Meadows Resort scales new heights with their high elevation EV charging solution

Explore how Mt. Hood Meadows Resort embarks on finding an EV solution for their ski resort.

Mt. Hood Meadows Resort powers forward with a durable charging infrastructure

As a national forest and premier ski resort, Mt. Hood Meadows prioritizes environmental conservation. This commitment is reinforced by various sustainability initiatives, including EV charging. However, at an elevation of over 5,300 feet, finding a resilient EV solution posed challenges.

Discover how PEC assisted in implementing a durable solution, from design to incentive capture and installation, ensuring sustainability amidst harsh conditions.

Mt Hood Meads receives 62% of their total project cost covered by incentives

PGE and ODOT Incentives & Rebates

Mt. Hood Meadows Resort’s decision to proceed with their EV project was influenced by the incentives and rebates uncovered by PEC’s dedicated incentives team. Collaborating closely with PGE and ODOT, our experts identified and secured these financial benefits, covering 62% of the total project cost.

This effort provided Mt. Hood Meadows Resort with the assurance and motivation to confidently move forward with their EV project.

About the process

We closely partnered with Mt. Hood Meadows Resort to clarify objectives, establish a revenue model, assess site infrastructure, and tailor a charging solution to their needs.

Challenges Mt. Hood Meadows faced:

  • Finding EV chargers that are durable enough to withstand the harsh environment on the side of a mountain over 5,300 feet above sea level
  • Strategize a revenue model that best supports their business goals
  • Understanding the electrical infrastructure hurdles for a remote site that is far away from major cities
  • Learning how to obtain incentive funding that may be available for the project
  • Discover regional permitting requirements before construction

“Feeling like I had a guide through the whole process, from the initial concept to fulfillment and installation, made it a no-brainer. It made it feel like if this was going to happen it had to happen with PEC.

Heidi Logosz
Environmental Sustainability Manager

The final product

The process of working with Mt. Hood Meadows Resort was seamless and successful. 

About the solution

  • 3 dual port Flo Core+ chargers
  • Power sharing system to optimize charging experience
  • Cable management system to prevent cable damage
  • Revenue strategy to cover costs + network fees
  • Future-proofed electrical infrastructure to allow for additional chargers for future demand 
Greg Pack

Everything we do at the resort, we make sure it’s environmentally friendly. From the trails we build, to the energy we use, and the EV charging to reduce carbon emissions. For that to be a piece of that puzzle is very important to us.”

Greg Pack
President & GM of Mt. Hood Meadows

Matt Otis director of energy solutions at meadows

Why work with PEC?

Feel assured as you implement a tailored charging solution designed specifically for your ski resort. With PEC by your side, you gain a partner that manages every aspect of your project. From seamless implementation to delivering a final product that impresses guests and surpasses your anticipated results, we’ve got you covered.


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