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A warning against TLEDs

This large multi-site Steel Company had 6 Lamp T5 light fixtures throughout their facility. They decided to upgrade lighting by replacing the fluorescent bulbs with TLED tubes while utilizing the existing ballast. The facility hours were 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, which quickly led the TLEDs to fail. The failure was due to a TLEDs inability to manage the heat produced, also known as poor thermal management. The facility had to shut down production while a second round was installed as the manufacturer stated the wide failure rate was due to a “bad batch”. Again, the TLEDs quickly deteriorated due to the poor thermal management and long hours. The manufacturer came back a third time, shut down production and replaced the lights once again with TLED tubes. During this third round, the fixture than began to melt, which resulted in a fire at the facility. The fire spread to their wood roof. Luckily the fire department was able to contain the spread. That’s when they contacted PEC for a high quality & comprehensive LED upgrade. The results speak for themselves.

Steel manufacturing after lighting LED retrofit

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Pre Lighting UpgradeLighting upgrade after image

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Annual Energy Savings:

1, 390, 276  kWh

Lighting Energy Decrease 77%

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