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ABC Supply company is America’s largest wholesale distributor of roofing, siding, windows and gutters servicing more than 700 locations. With outdated, energy-hungry HID and fluorescent lighting, this customer was dissatisfied with the light levels and maintenance costs of these outdated fixtures.


PEC custom engineered a solution for two ABC supply co. locations that ensured the necessary light-levels were provided, improving safety in the warehouses, vibrant display in the showrooms, and vast improvements to the office environments. We further enhanced efficiency with smart motion sensors that save energy and money whilst future proofing these facilities with wireless connectivity capability.

Measure what matters

Run Efficient

Energy saved to date:

233,671 kWh

Save Money

Annual Savings:


Rate of ROI:

1.62 Years

Cashflow positive 10 years:


PEC changed our business with their lighting system.

Not only did Jacob save us with efficiency, he provided exceptional service and made the production/installation of the lights flawless.

The temperature in our warehouse is lower, our lighting is better, the warehouse is safer, and our energy bills are lower.

I would recommend Jacob and PEC to anyone considering new lighting in a place of business!

Branch Manager – ABC Supply Co. Waxahachie, TX

Work Happy

Increased Safety

Improved productivity

Better mood & morale

Protect the Planet

Tons of C02:


Gallons of Gas:


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