Read up on the latest news and insights around LED lighting and energy optimization.

Dangers of TLED Upgrades

Don’t get burned with substandard TLED lighting

TLED / tubular LED technology can be traced back to the early 2000s at a time where the development of white LEDs made it possible to use LEDs for general lighting.

Traditionally designed to be a retrofit replacement for flourescent tubes in compatible luminaries,

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What’s your sustainability score?

A part of running a successful business is managing risk and preparing for the future. Increasingly the risk-management narrative has centered around the topic of sustainability.

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Energy Incentives

Reduce the upfront cost of your LED lighting project by securing electrical utility incentives/ rebates. Energy incentive management is meticulous and time-consuming work. Our incentives management team are experts who make this process seamless.

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How do you make your workplace social distance friendly?

As companies are developing their “return to work policies” in a COVID-19 world we find ourselves asking, “how can we make workplaces safer for everyone?”. LED lighting IoT sensors have the data for the job!

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Precision matters when it comes to LED retrofits

Evaluating an LED lighting project is a great start, but how do you know you’re getting the best value, greatest efficiency, and all those promised safety and productivity gains?

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Increase cash flow using “other peoples money” to fund your efficiency project

Budgets are tight and businesses want to keep their cash. Now’s the perfect time to explore these 5 options to fund efficiency projects that increase cash-flow.

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How your building can help fight airborne disease transmission.

Monitoring and improving air quality is the responsibility of building managers as spaces reopen.

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