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About 80% of commercial & industrial facilities still run ineffective, costly, and inefficient lighting systems. In many cases these facilities are spending 3-4 times more than they need to run outdated technology, furthermore, these impractical and power-hungry systems don’t meet IES recommended light-levels. 

What is an LED Retrofit?

At it’s core, an LED retrofit is a replacement of existing inefficient fixtures with energy efficient LED (with or without control systems).

But not all LEDs are created equal. Without proper consideration of your facility a one-for-one swap will not maximize efficiency and can even cause some major headaches if done improperly. Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands we’re leaders in specifying and designing LED retrofit systems that are built to last.

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PEC has saved over $380M for it’s customers

Benefits of an LED retrofit

When we design and implement a project we target four performance pillars. By targeting maximum efficiency we can also unlock a range of improvements from safety and productivity all the way to helping you meet or begin to develop your sustainability commitments.

Run Efficient

Our LED lighting retrofits both perform better and reduce energy consumption. By implementing optimum light levels we can create energy-efficient and productive workplaces that reduce material waste.

Save Money

Reduced energy consumption not only means reduced energy bills but your retrofitted system will eliminate costly maintenance. Our solutions are engineered to last longer too and with an in-house incentives team, we’ll secure the highest possible incentives for your project.

Work Happy

PEC’s lighting solutions provide benefits far beyond energy savings. With the right levels our customers have seen improved  morale, increased safety, and measured productivity increases.

Protect the Planet

An LED retrofit can significantly reduce your environmental impact. Our lighting projects offer an immediate pathway to sustainability and help you meet your sustainability goals

Proven. Trusted. Known

IKEA LED Lighting Retrofit

53% Energy reductions & $4M+ annual savings

With 74 projects across 23 states, our projects are generating massive efficiency gains and savings for IKEA.

West Fraser LED Lighting Retrofit
West Fraser

56% Energy reduction & vastly improved lighting

See the difference for West Fraser with vastly improved light levels and huge efficiency gains.

Alaska Airlines LED Lighting Retrofit Project
Alaska Airlines

Award winning solutions

See how this energy efficiency project for Alaska Airlines implemented smart lighting solutions technology to significantly reduce energy and help them meet their sustainability goals.

Vigor Industrial LED Lighting Retrofit Project
Vigor Industrial

165% Light level increase with large efficiency gains

One of the largest projects in the history of the Energy Trust of Oregon. See the outstanding savings and incentives we were able to leverage for VIGOR.

Popular States & Regions

PEC is proud to have completed projects in all 50 states & Canada.

With over 8,000 projects completed, see areas we’ve made an especially big impact.














New Jersey

New York






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