Energy incentives

Your incentive should feel like a discount, not like a project of its own

Incentives offered by your utility can significantly reduce the cost of your energy efficiency upgrade. Our incentive team will identify and maximize any available incentives for your project, as well as manage the entire incentive process on your behalf. It’s yet another way PEC’s turnkey process is the “easy button” for upgrading your facility.

Do you qualify?

Commercial and industrial facilities are some of the largest energy consumers on the grid. To manage electrical demand and encourage the adoption of efficient technologies, many utility companies provide specific programs that cover a portion of the cost (often a significant portion) of energy-saving projects.

Navigating the world of incentives

As a ratepayer, your company is likely already paying into your utility’s energy efficiency program fund. 

By leaving your outdated technology in operation, you’re missing out on incentive money which you are entitled to. However, understanding and navigating the world of energy incentives can be complex and time consuming. 

PEC has built relationships with incentive programs from the largest utilities in North America, and has the expert knowledge required to ensure your project qualifies for and moves seamlessly through the incentive approval and payment process. 

While designing your solution, we’ll work directly with your utility to uncover the highest incentive offerings and any available bonuses, then lock in those funds. 

We may need your “John Hancock” on a few documents, but PEC will handle the rest.

Relationships matter in the energy efficiency world. We know where to go and who to ask. Thus, we can open doors for your project that otherwise may have remained closed.

– Reed Lehto, Director of Incentives

See how PEC captured $1,628,876 in incentives for VIGOR in one of the largest projects in the history of the Energy Trust of Oregon

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