Kaiser Permanente

Parking Lot lighting never looked so good



Kaiser Permanente’s enormous campus made lighting maintenance more than a little inconvenient. Not to mention, poor lighting made employees feel unsafe and also disturbed patients in the hospital. Incumbent lighting technology presented limitations in its ability to direct light efficiently: instead of pointing needed light into the parking lot, it shined into patient room windows.



Pacific Energy Concepts helped Kaiser embark on an exterior remodel – a 100% LED lighting system which dramatically improved light levels and increased safety throughout the campus. Standardizing each type of light – from those in poles, to walls, to stairwells – also alleviated the burden on maintenance workers, who initially had to drive around manually check each of the 500 different fixtures.

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Annual Energy Savings:

295,865 kWh

Light Level increase  221%

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Annual Savings:


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Increased Safety & security

Better mood & morale

Protect the Planet

Tons of C02:


Gallons of Gas:


Acres of Trees Planted:


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