Lighting control systems

Lighting when you need it (not when you don't)

Advanced lighting controls give you an unprecedented level of control ensuring your lighting system serves your operations without sacrificing energy savings.

What are lighting control systems?

Lighting controls, or “smart lighting,” provide a level of intelligence that help you manage light-levels. Control systems allow facilities to automate, monitor, adjust, and optimize light levels within defined zones or at the individual fixture level quickly, easily, and at all times.

Your lighting can be programmed to automatically adjust based on parameters such as time of day, occupancy, and more. Setting different parts of your facility to pre-set timers or enabling adjustments manually from a single location significantly improves system efficiency and provides insightful data.

See how our award winning project for Alaska Airlines used a smart lighting system to reduce energy consumption by over 80% and helps them meet their sustainability goals

Smarten your spaces

Advanced lighting controls uses energy management technologies customized to your operational needs. By understanding your unique pain points we will specify, design, and implement the most appropriate solution for your environment.

With us, you’ll receive an optimized system that is future-proofed to maximize performance for years to come.

Daylight harvesting

Adjusts light levels automatically in response to external light conditions and save energy.

Zone management

Control multiple areas or zones based on personal parameters giving you an added layer of flexibility

Occupancy sensors

Adjust area lighting based on occupancy. This means only spaces in use need to be lit


 Automate your lighting to work when and where you want it.

Task tuning

Adapt light levels appropriate for user preference based on tasks being performed..


Real time performance data gives in-depth information & insight in to the performance and health of your systems

Commissioning control systems

Our experienced project managers will commission your lighting control systems as a part of our end-to-end project delivery. During our audit and assessment process, we’ll work with you to determine what to build into your lighting control system based on your energy savings goals and lighting needs. When we’re finished, you’ll have a truly optimized lighting system with the data and control to increase operational efficiency across your facility.


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