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Night and day transformations for Jeld Wen that reduce energy use by 77% across 13 projects.


Jeld Wen has over 45 industrial locations in 20 different states with outdated HID and Fluorescent lighting. Jeld Wen wanted a consistent result at every site that hit the strict requirements set out in the RFP. No site is the same and each site has different light level requirements, safety hazards, and production processes.


Fully turn-key projects from Audit to full install and incentive management. fixtures needed to be robust enough to survive the environment but also provide enough quality lighting to make sure that Jeld Wen can keep making quality products. Meeting these requirements is tough enough but Jeld Wen also needed this paired with energy savings which we delivered in spades with an average 77% decrease.

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Run Efficient

Annual Energy Savings:

13,469,262 kWh

Energy Percentage Decrease 77%

JELD-WEN chose PEC after a competitive RFP with multiple larger solution providers in this category. The main competitive advantage & driving factor in our decision to select PEC as our preferred supplier, is that the PEC offerings are not just a one-for-one lighting replacement. PEC puts forth a more holistic approach tailored to each of our facilities, while maintaining the standard guidelines set by JW corporate in regards to ROI targets and fixture quality requirements. The project management team for each of these installs exceeded our expectations and both projects were completed at budget, on time, and even included minor change requests at no additional charge.

– John Somers, indirect Material Category Manager

Save Money

Annual Savings:


Maintenance Savings:


Rate of ROI:

1.62 Years

Incentives Captured:



Work Happy

Increased Safety

Improved Mood & Morale

Protect the Planet

Tons of C02:


Gallons of Gas:


Acres of Trees Capturing Carbon for 1 year



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