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The Impact of lighting on people & productivity

We instinctively know that lighting quality plays a direct role in our physical relationship to our work. We don’t need studies to show us (although there are many) that in order to do our jobs safely and happily, we need to be able to see clearly.

Despite this, many facility managers still overlook just how much of an impact lighting has on employee health, happiness, safety, and productivity. Not only will your “boots-on-the-ground” people benefit from a quality lighting upgrade but, when done right, these facility improvements will limit your liability and ensure long-term operational, financial, and environmental benefits.


Some facilities have seen staggering reductions in accident rates after improving their lighting. One study showed a manufacturer reduce their accident rate by 52% just by increasing their lighting levels from 28 > 186 FC (Foot Candles). Poor lighting conditions have a direct effect on the well-being, safety, and capabilities of your work force.


Studies have shown the correlation between light levels, alertness, and fatigue. Measurable brain activity has shown the stimulating effects of good quality lighting compared with poor lighting, particularly with shift workers. One study found that LED lighting helped workers detect trip hazards 94% more quickly.


It has been consistently demonstrated that happy workers are more productive. Increases in light levels from roughly 28 to 46 Foot Candles (300-500 lux) have produced average productivity gains of around 8%. This directly impacts task performance and reduces waste, creating a more productive environment and employees who are more satisfied with their output.

Mood & Morale

Because LED lighting mimics the spectrum of natural light, LED lighting is used in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder and has been shown to improve mood, decrease stress, and reduce anxiety. Poor quality low lighting has also been demonstrated to cause eye strain, fatigue, and headaches. Over time these issues can cause noticeable discomfort for employees with adverse effects for morale in an organization.

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Our fact-packed and engaging ebook demonstrates the abundance of improvements that lighting optimization can have on your facility. Including safety, sustainability, productivity and much more. Reading this really could change the future of your workplace.

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