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86% of businesses see reducing their environmental impact as a necessary step towards staying financially competitive while 70% of Americans feel the environment is more important than economic growth. With so many pressing demands and ever-growing regulatory pressures, knowing how to factor sustainability into a fast-moving business operation can seem bewildering. With new technology, industry-leading expertise, and end-to-end service we know-how.

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Our fact-packed and engaging ebook demonstrates the abundance of improvements that lighting optimization can have on your facility. Including safety, sustainability, productivity and much more. Reading this really could change the future of your workplace.

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Over 45% of the world’s electricity is consumed by electric motors. Today half of that energy is wasted, with HVAC performance stunted by technology that hasn’t changed for 100 years. Until now. Software-driven, switch reluctance smart motors are revolutionizing HVAC systems. With energy reductions of 40-60% compared to AC induction motors, the environmental impact these can have on your facility is substantial.

Bright Future

Lighting accounts for almost 5% of global CO2 emissions and can utilize up to 40% of an individual facilities’ energy use. LEDs use about 80% less electricity while providing the same brightness of incandescents and around 25-35% less energy than fluorescents. This means massive C02 reductions, with LEDs taking half a billion tons of Carbon Dioxide from the sky in 2017 alone.

PEC's Environmental Impact

PEC has saved a staggering 1,225,000,000 kWh for it’s customers. This has allowed them to vastly improve their sustainability metrics and help protect our planet. This is equivalent to…


Tons of C02


Gallons of Gas


Acres of Trees Planted

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