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Lighting solutions that reduce energy waste by 56%, save $4M annually, and help IKEA meet their sustainability goals

74 Projects

A powerful partnership

With 64 projects in 19 states, average energy reductions of 68% and annual savings of over $4,000,000, the IKEA and PEC partnership has helped IKEA improve operations and meet their ambitious sustainability goals. Following discussions around IKEA’s energy initiatives and existing engineering standards a partnership with PEC was established to scale a retrofit program around design concepts to accommodate the new construction standards. The focus was to prioritize long-term energy savings while hitting foot candle requirements for each unique space.


Big picture climate goals

IKEA had a target to become 20% more energy efficient in their operations by 2020. With a 56% reduction in lighting energy spend PEC’s solutions helped IKEA meet these goals.

Their new goal is becoming climate positive by 2030 and we continue to aggressively eliminate energy waste for IKEA to help them meet that goal. At the moment we estimate colossal energy savings that equate to  302,067 Tons of C02 by 2030… a number that will increase as we continue to build solutions for IKEA.

Measure what matters

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Run Efficient

Annual Energy Savings:

32,918,750 kWh

Energy Percentage Decrease 68%

Save Money

Annual Savings:


Annual Maintenance Savings:




Work Happy

Increased Safety & security

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Mood & Morale

Protect the Planet

Tons of C02:


Gallons of Gas:


Acres of Trees Planted:


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