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Epiroc LED Retrofit

“People have stopped me in the plant and said thank you because it’s so much brighter.”

-Brett Border – General Manager, EPIROC

 Garland, TX

A commitment to sustainability

Epiroc has ambitious sustainability goals of a 50% reduction in energy use and carbon footprint by 2030.  Epiroc Garland, Texas partnered with PEC to implement an energy efficient LED lighting project that not only performs better, is less wasteful, and cheaper to run, but has numerous quality improvements for the people working directly on the facility floor. While a 71% reduction in energy use saves Epiroc over $129k annually, improvements to safety, mood and morale for the employees is priceless.

Epiroc - Industrial LED Retrofit

Measure what matters


Run Efficient

Annual Energy Savings:

984,574 kWh

Lighting Energy Decrease 71%

Save Money

Annual Savings:


Annual Maintenance Savings


Incentives Captured:


“it was a good partnership with PEC because they worked around our schedule and what we needed, it allowed us to have that flexibility on our part, we didn’t have to stop production or move equipment, they pretty much come in and took care of it and it was a pretty smooth project.”

Wayne Apke – Facilities & Sustainability Manager, EPIROC

epiroc led lighting upgrade

Work Happy

Increased Safety

Better Mood & Morale

Productive Work Environment

Protect the Planet

Tons of C02:


Gallons of Gas:


Acres of Trees Planted:


“We significantly reduce our maintenance costs, we reduce our waste costs, and we reduce our electrical costs, and we get better lighting as a result.

Brett Border – General Manager, EPIROC

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