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It’s a goal of every business leader to save money and improve performance, yet achieving one often comes at the cost of the other. With lighting and HVAC smart-motor optimization, you can achieve both. Forward-thinking facilities are future-proofing their facility with savings that will grow exponentially, whilst freeing up funds for re-investment in the near term. This enhances competitiveness in the present as well as the future. So many facilities have wasted dollars trapped in old, outdated, and inefficient equipment, we unlock that potential.

Working creatively to save you money, we do everything possible to prevent you from deploying your own dollars. With our in-house incentives team, national buying power, and 0% funding options we maximize savings from your project. 

Saved for Our Customers
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Reduced Bills

How much are you spending on lighting and HVAC? Some manufacturers spend up to 80% of their electricity bill on lighting alone, with lighting and HVAC making up the largest share of energy spend for many businesses. PEC has saved its customers over $100 Million!

Free up Funds for Reinvestment

Poor quality lighting and outdated AC induction motors are wasting valuable operational dollars, slowing technological advancement, and hindering your competitiveness. Innovative LED and smart motors retrofit upgrades mean that, with the right specification, design, and implementation you can make facility improvements that actually give funds back to your bottom-line providing your business a competitive edge.


Utility companies across the country offer incentives programs to promote energy efficiency and reduce energy demand. However, navigating these complex programs can be a project in itself.

With our own in-house, national incentives team we work with some of the largest electric utilities in the country to maximize energy efficiency incentives for our customers. No matter where you are located, we will research, apply for, and manage the incentive process for your project.

Reduced Maintenance

LEDs can last up to 25 times longer than incandescents and smart motors are built for reliability with extended warranties to match. Moreover, with intelligent control systems, you can run these devices as-and-when needed ensuring a longer lifetime. All of this means fewer maintenance costs, reduced total cost of ownership, and less disruptions to your daily operations.

Our previous lighting maintenance costs were over $80,000 – and now, our expenses don’t even come close.
Facilities Manager
Vigor Industrial

Purchasing Power

Leveraging national purchasing power, we offer you access to an unbeatable supply chain so that you can count on the maximum value for every purchase.

We are manufacturer agnostic. This ensures we are free to specify the right solutions to meet your objectives.

0% Funding

We may be able to fully fund your project at 0% interest, allowing you to receive the full benefits of a project, with no out-of-pocket expense. Check out PEC capital to see if you are eligible.

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Our fact-packed and engaging ebook demonstrates the abundance of improvements that lighting optimization can have on your facility. Including safety, sustainability, productivity and much more. Reading this really could change the future of your workplace.

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