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Ryerson Metals captures 67% energy reduction with LED retrofit

See how PEC helped Ryerson deploy a lighting system that slashed energy waste, while transforming the working environment.

Memphis, TN

Measure what matters

led retrofit - ryerson-memphis-tn-1-before
led retrofit - ryerson-memphis-tn-1-after

Efficient & Optimized

67% Decrease

in annual energy consumption and spending.

Safer & Happier Environments

75% Increase

in interior light levels to boost safety and morale.

90% Increase

in exterior light levels for security.

led retrofit - ryerson-memphis-tn-2-before
led retrofit - ryerson-memphis-tn-2-after
led retrofit - ryerson-memphis-tn-3-before
led retrofit - ryerson-memphis-tn-3-after

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