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With 292 projects (and counting) PEC’s energy efficient lighting projects are helping Lithia Motors stack big wins

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Lithia is the third largest automotive dealer in the US with a large national presence. With 292 projects we have worked across multiple locations and environments including; showrooms, large outdoor lots, and repair shops.

Our projects have created both superior lighting performance and massively reduced energy spend. Win-win-win. With optimized light levels exterior spaces are properly lit and interiors now provide a better experience for customers and staff, with improved color rending for merchandise. Repair areas are now tuned for the task at hand helping safety and productivity.

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Measure what matters

lithia dealership showroom - Lighting Case Study - PEC Pacific Energy Concepts

Run Efficient

Annual Energy Savings:

22,095,847 kWh

Energy Percentage Decrease 68%

Save Money

Annual Savings:

$ 2,584,764

Annual Maintenance Savings


Incentives Processed:


When upgrading your lot lighting or your lighting in the showroom and shop, the cheapest solution is often the worst solution.

If the company making a proposal to you does not show you the potential cost savings AND the performance results (ie existing and retrofitted foot-candle readings), they are doing you a dis-service. If you still have metal halide lights anywhere at your dealership, now is the time to consider a retrofit. Every day you wait results in waste.

-Director of Real Estate, Lithia Motors

Lithia Car Dealership Lighting - LED Retrofit

Work Happy

Increased Safety & Security

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Mood & Morale

Protect the Planet

Tons of C02:


Gallons of Gas:


Pounds of Coal Burned


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