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These days everyone is being asked to do more with less, requiring us to become more efficient. It can be hard to know where to start but our proprietary process makes it easy to tackle these projects while impacting your business objectives on a grand scale.

The first step in our process is learning why you turn your lights on. Understanding your businesses objectives helps us develop operational performance targets that go well beyond energy savings. Leveraging technological advancements in LED lighting and HVAC smart motors are where we start to create meaningful improvements in your operations that unlock the productive potential of your workplaces.

When done right, energy-efficiency projects can have an exciting impact on productivity, merchandising, and production while decreasing errors, waste, and even maintenance and down-time.

Energy Reduction

LED and HVAC smart motors use significantly less energy than legacy systems. Advanced controls give you detailed control over your workplace environment, allowing for increased efficiency. At PEC we engineer maximum performance into our solutions, eliminating waste on under-performing assets. With our industry leading expertise we have leveraged innovation to save over 1,225,000,000 kWh for our customers!

Operational Efficiency

Running efficiently creates meaningful operational performance improvements.

As an example, when we are evaluating a lighting system, we consider why you turn your lights on in the first place. We determine if there is an opportunity for the right light levels to improve your operations.

Our engineering team takes the guess work out of operational efficiency.

Epiroc - Industrial LED Retrofit


Poor lighting has been linked to decreased safety and morale and increases in absenteeism, while ineffective HVAC directly affects employee comfort. Lighting improvements have demonstrated increased alertness, with an 8.3% improvement in cognitive tasks.

PEC customer Milgard recently measured a 5% increase in productivity after a lighting project. What would a 5% increase in production worth to you?

Reduced Waste

Every business wants to reduce waste. Most innovative businesses have realized that improvements in lighting and HVAC can have a surprising impact on waste reduction. One study demonstrated that following a lighting upgrade, airplane manufacturer Boeing measured a 20% reduction in defects, with others documenting a significant increase in product quality.

Our customers see the same. View the case study to see how Jeld Wen reduced their waste after an energy-efficiency project.

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Our fact-packed and engaging ebook demonstrates the abundance of improvements that lighting optimization can have on your facility. Including safety, sustainability, productivity and much more. Reading this really could change the future of your workplace.

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