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Technology, innovation, and regulation are intersecting in the push for a low carbon Electric Vehicle (EV) transition. The change is now happening rapidly. Forward-thinking property owners and managers are taking advantage of compelling tax credits and incentives to upgrade and future-proof their spaces with EV charging stations. With PEC these benefits are maximized, giving you the best possible short-term and long-term advantages for a successful EV charging integration.

Benefits of EV charging

Future proof

Property managers and owners can no longer ignore the rapidly growing EV market. Providing EV charging capabilities will soon become an expectation in commercial parking lots and residential compounds. Get ahead of the revolution.

New revenue stream

Add a new revenue stream with charge fees from a rapidly growing customer, vendor, and transportation user base. If you are customer-focused, providing charging options could make the difference between you and your competitors. Studies have shown that EV owners may spend more and stay longer at facilities with charging stations.

Rebates & tax credits

The push to get more EVs on the road has created a “golden period” of incentives, rebates, and tax credits that will help offset your upgrades. Tax credits of up 30% of the project cost (per location) are available nationwide. These projects also qualify for bonus depreciation and local rebates helping you maximize this attractive opportunity.   

Networked solutions

Custom networked solutions to optimize visibility, reduce operating costs, and maximize usage.

A new generation

With almost half of all Americans considering an EV for their next vehicle, supplying chargers at your spaces opens the door for your business to attract a new and growing demographic of customers.

Low risk, high return

We provide plans that offer EV charging as a service, which means you can effectively run these EV charging stations on a “pay as you earn” model.

by 2040, 58% of global passenger vehicle sales will come from electric vehicles.

– Bloomberg New Energy Finance Report

A charger that's right for you

EV chargers come in 3 tiers with 2 & 3 focused on commercial business such as yours.

Level 2 charger

  • Power
    7.68 kW
  • Charge Rate
  • Application
    Large property / Commercial

Level 2 fleet charger

  • Power
    19.2 kW
  • Charge Rate
  • Application
    Large property / Commercial, with higher vehicle volume

Level 3 DC Fast charger

  • Power
    50 – 375 kW
  • Charge Rate
  • Application
    Commercial / Industrial

Who we serve

Multi-Family Dwelling

Attract and retain high-value tenants at your apartment and multi-family properties

Country Clubs

Enhance your member amenities with a customized charging solution

Hotels & Hospitality

Deploy chargers that best meet your guest needs and business model

EV Fleet Charging - Delivery and logistics

EV Fleet Charging

Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet chargers require unique considerations — like capacity, deployment plans, infrastructure needs, or fleet monitoring capabilities. PEC will help you create a sound charging solution and rollout strategy for each of your applications to ensure you are maximizing on your investment and equipping yourself for future growth.

Security Properties trusts PEC for EV Charging at Multi-Family Dwelling Properties

What I’ve been impressed with is PEC’s team and knowledge base to address unique site challenges in a way that makes sense and makes it better for the resident . . . communication is critical from my perspective, and PEC has great communication through the start to finish of the projects.

David Wartena
Senior Director, Construction Services
Security Properties

EV Charging manufacturers

Assembling the right tools

Ensure you are installing the right chargers for your specific goals.

PEC proudly offers vendor agnostic designs, which means we’ll help you find the best models on the market, without ties to any particular manufacturers.

Designed for your top needs

  • Revenue models
  • Durability
  • Load sharing
  • Networked vs. non-networked
  • Cable management

US vs Them

Choosing PEC as your EV charging solutions provider gives you significant advantages, ensuring you maximize your investment with projects that focus on long-term, sustainable success that meets your greater business objectives.


Main EV charger competitor
  • Save on Network Access Fees: No
  • Host Revenue Generation: Yes / No
  • Full Mounting Options: No
  • Full Cable Management: No


Leaders in Energy Efficiency
  • Save on Network Access Fees: Yes
  • Host Revenue Generation: Yes
  • Full Mounting Options: Yes
  • Full Cable Management: Yes
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