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Pacific Foods

Good lighting inside and out help this sustainable food producer create more productive and efficient work environments with big savings


Poor and outdated lighting was negatively impacting Pacific Food facilities from both an operational and safety standpoint. These lighting systems were not meeting Pacific Foods high standards and an efficient solution was needed to improve light levels and reduce energy waste.


PEC’s energy efficient solution both drastically improved light levels and reduced energy waste by a massive 80%, yielding massive performance gains for significantly less cost. Key work areas are now safer and better to work in.

Measure what matters


Run Efficient

Annual Energy Savings:

1,368,088 kWh

Energy Percentage Decrease 80%

Save Money

Annual Savings:


Maintenance savings:


Incentives Processed:



Old utility payments

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New utility payments

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Work Happy

Increased Safety

Improved Productivity

Better Mood & Morale

Protect the Planet

Annual environmental equivalents

Tons of C02:


Gallons of Gas:


Acres of Trees Planted:



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