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It’s no secret that the right lighting can be the difference between a customer pulling into your  dealership or moving on. It goes to say that partnering with the nation’s leading energy consultancy will ensure no customer is left behind. Over 1,200 car dealerships across the nation continually put their trust in our lighting team; from service bays to showrooms and exterior lighting we handle it all.


Inadequate and inefficient lighting is hurting your auto sales. Appropriately displaying your big ticket merchandise is crucial and could be the difference between a sale or a pass. Both exterior and interior lighting must create the right experience for customers and your service team alike. Furthermore, inadequate systems are more energy intensive and cost more to run. 


We take a comprehensive look at your business and individual property goals to develop a customized lighting design that meets your needs. From small dealerships to national auto-groups we handle everything from specification, design, incentive management, to installation and warranty support. Cast your dealerships in the best light and leave the heavy lifting to us.


When we design a customized lighting solution for an auto dealership we focus on providing fixtures with high CRI (color rendering index) and lumen packages that vibrantly display your merchandise while reducing energy waste, inefficiency, and overall energy spend.

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Create optimum light levels

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Reduce energy bills

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Improve ambience

Improve color rendering

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Improve site safety & security

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Improve mood & morale

Improve customer experience

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Meet sustainability goals

Proven, tested and known

We’ve worked extensively in the automotive industry designing and deploying solutions that help our customers achieve their business and operational goals. Whether that be a showroom, service area, or parking lot – we create energy-efficient lighting solutions that make an impact.

  • Audit
  • Lighting design
  • Incentives management
  • LED retrofit
  • Lighting controls
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274 Projects lead to massive savings & impact

With a large number of projects, learn how we are helping Lithia recognize true efficiency and improve their business on a large scale


130% Light level increases for less!

See how our lighting designs and implementation have helped transform this Automotive business

As a repeat client of Pacific Energy Concepts, I can say that our results at Lithia stores across the country have been tremendous.

When upgrading your lot lighting or your lighting in the showroom and shop, the cheapest solution is often the worst solution.

If the company making a proposal to you does not show you the potential cost savings AND the performance results (ie existing and retrofitted foot-candle readings), they are doing you a dis-service. If you still have metal halide lights anywhere at your dealership, now is the time to consider a retrofit. Every day you wait results in waste.

– Director of Real Estate, Lithia Motors

Automotive pain points

Whether it’s competing with nearby dealers, pleasing discerning customers, performing detailed repair work, or maintaining visibility in large lots – poor lighting is making your job more difficult.

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With large retail spaces that run lighting systems for long periods of time, inadequate lighting can create significant inefficiency and waste. 

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Power hungry and inefficient systems cost more to run than necessary. Additionally, legacy systems require more maintenance creating further waste and operational disruption.

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Poor experience

Spaces that are improperly lit are less safe and create a less inviting environment diminishing both your employee and customer experience.

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Bad for the environment

Our energy efficient solutions will help you meet or exceed your sustainability goals.

Our impact

The right LED retrofit lighting solution can tackle these challenges and more. LED lighting upgrades use up to 75% less energy and last 10 to 50 times longer. These systems are designed and customized to solve your pain points.

Run Efficient

Our lighting solutions last longer, reduce energy waste, and utilize automatic control systems that conserve power. LED lighting makes your business far more energy-efficient.

Save Money

LED lighting consumes far less power than their traditional counterparts. Switching to LED lighting can substantially lower your power bill. PEC’s lighting installations also last longer and require less maintenance.

Work Happy

By designing our lighting solutions for your business, we can ensure that the lighting we provide will make your retail establishment look welcoming and display your merchandise in the best light (literally). You get a workplace that works better for you.

Protect the Planet

By consuming less power and running more efficiently, LED lights help substantially reduce your retail businesses’ environmental impact. Our upgrades will also help you qualify for utility incentives.

Not all LED solutions are the same

There are huge variances in both LED fixtures and implementation. Lower quality fixtures and unplanned, or poorly implemented systems will not produce adequate results.

Unlike some companies we are manufacturer agnostic. This frees us to focus on one thing and one thing only — what’s right for your project and ultimately your business. We start at the solution and only select high performance products that augment that solution with zero compromises. 

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