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Pacific Energy Concepts (PEC) is North America’s most innovative energy optimization company. Not to brag, but, we work with some of the most esteemed companies in the world, helping transform their workplaces to run efficient, save money, work happy, and protect the planet. With the most experienced team in our industry we develop, design, and deploy end-to-end custom commercial LED lighting, Energy Monitoring, EV Charging, and intelligent control solutions that give our customer’s the edge in efficiency and productivity.

Our Mission

Our mission is impact. We’re here to help facilitate the success of each company as a whole. Our energy-efficient solutions yield results that advance our clients’ businesses on a larger scale.

Core Values

Our core values are integral to how we succeed in improving and growing our customer’s businesses and in developing ourselves to be the most prominent force in energy optimization.

Built to last

We’re at our best when working with massive, complex or industrial environments. Our teams have been tapped by some of the largest manufacturers and retailers to design and implement lighting solutions no one else can.

Play to Win

One size doesn’t fit all. We’ll work with you to design and build high-performance, energy-efficient solutions. We are vendor-agnostic, which means we can choose the right lighting solutions that have the greatest impact on people’s work lives and our clients’ businesses.

Push the Envelope

We don’t believe in resting on our laurels of accepting limitations. If there’s a more effective or efficient way of doing something, we’ll find it. We are constantly looking for new ways to expand the parameters of the accepted standard.

Do the Right Thing

We’re committed to creating the right solution for our customers, the very first time. That means we value honestly and dependability, and we never cut corners or try to take the easy way out. At the end of the day, it all boils down to integrity.

We are our core values

One way to understand PEC is to understand how our values resonate with our team. PEC’s core values are our individual core values. Unlike others they are not just nice-sounding words, or for show, but a genuine framework for how we approach both our work and our lives. Our values will give you a good idea of what it’s like to partner or work with us. Don’t believe us? Watch our team speak to those values to see for yourself.

Your optimization partner

What makes PEC so different? Our combination of experience, expertise, and commitment to extracting maximum efficiency out of your space. Our secret sauce lays with our expert team who guide you through every step of our end-to-end process.

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