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Timberline Lodge deploys EV charging at ski resort

Explore how Timberline Lodge enhances the experience for ski enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers with a durable and user-friendly EV charging solution.

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Charging into the future at the historic Timberline Lodge

For Timberline Lodge, a globally renowned resort and ski park located deep within Mt. Hood National Forest, achieving a balance between innovation and preservation presents a challenging but essential feat. 

Known for its rich history, top-tier ski slopes, biking courses, hiking trails, and breathtaking scenery – the park offers a sacred place for adventurers flocking to the Pacific Northwest to have a second-to-none outdoor experience.

But in order preserve these sacred grounds and its residing community members, it’s critical that Timberline embraces sustainability investments that contribute to a sustainable future without tarnishing the park’s historic value and visitor experiences.

This is where our team at PEC came in — helping to deploy a durable EV Charging solution that can stand the mountain elements, offer a valuable visitor amenity, and contribute to our transition to an electric future.

Square Incentives

PGE and ODOT Incentives & Rebates

Timberline Lodge’s decision to proceed with their EV project was influenced by the substantial incentives and rebates uncovered by PEC’s dedicated incentives team. Collaborating closely with PGE and ODOT, our experts identified and secured these financial benefits, covering 80% of the total project cost.

This meticulous effort provided Timberline Lodge with the assurance and motivation to confidently move forward with their EV project.

About the process

The durability of EV chargers posed concerns due to the challenging mountain environment and the need to maintain functionality amidst harsh weather conditions. However, the EV charging solution from PEC emerged as an innovative solution, guiding Timberline towards an electrified future while preserving its heritage.

We closely partnered with Timberline sustainability, maintenance, and operational teams to clarify objectives, establish a revenue model, assess site infrastructure, and tailor a charging solution to their needs.

Challenges Timberline Lodge was facing:

  • Finding EV chargers that are durable enough to withstand the harsh environment on the side of a mountain over 6,000 feet above sea level
  • Strategize a revenue model that best supports their business goals
  • Understanding the electrical infrastructure hurdles for a remote site that is far away from major cities
  • Learning how to obtain incentive funding that may be available for the project
  • Discover regional permitting requirements before construction

At 6,000 feet, we’re surrounded by big trees and we’re in a harsh environment. I did not believe these things could hold up on the side of a mountain.”

Kyle Heddy | Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Images provided by Kyle Heddy; Corporate Responsibility Manager at Timberline

The final product

The process working with Timberline Lodge was seamless and successful. 

About the solution

  • 3 dual port Flo Core+ chargers
  • Power sharing system to optimize charging experience
  • Cable management system to prevent cable damage
  • Revenue strategy to cover costs + network fees
  • Future-proofed electrical infrastructure to allow for additional chargers for future demand 

“Whether you want to charge and go ski, take a hike, or tour the lodge, the addition of these EV chargers is going to be good”

Brett Wesson
Ski Patrol Director

Matt Otis - director of energy solutions

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