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PEC helped Costco develop the framework for processing LED conversion projects from audit to implementation. Taking the logistical burden away from Costco Wholesale, PEC tracks material delivery, manages manufacturer warranties, and manages a national network of competent installers throughout North America.

As an end-to-end LED solutions provider PEC had the experience to help Costco solve their complex implementation challenges. PEC developed a custom retrofit scope of work specifically attuned to Costco’s needs. To date we’ve successfully rolled out over 1001 projects across 600+ Costco locations (and counting).


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Costco 2 - Retail LED lighting - PEC Pacific Energy Concepts

Savings to Date: 117,685,864 kWh

Which is equivalent to


 pounds of coal burned

PEC has proven to be an expert in developing and implementing custom LED lighting solutions. They successfully helped us develop an LED retrofit scope of work and then proceeded to roll this out over 600+ Costco Wholesale warehouse locations.

We are continually impressed by PEC’s ability to manage dozens of projects at once. It is not uncommon for us to roll out entire regions of stores throughout the U.S. and Canada simultaneously. PEC is with us every step of the way. With a developed national network of competent installers throughout North America, they are able to execute at a very high level. We have found Pacific Energy Concepts to be a professional and efficient. We know they will always do the right thing for the team members here at Costco Wholesale. We Will continue to partner with PEC for the foreseeable future as they help us to achieve our sustainability goals.

-Manager, Energy Systems Costco Wholesale

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