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CT4000 Level 2 Commercial Charging Station


The CT4000 family represents ChargePoint®’s most recent generation of commercial charging stations. Combining refinement with ruggedness, these stations establish the industry benchmark for both functionality and aesthetics.

  • Full-motion color LCD display
  • Driver instructions 
  • Enables dynamic updates of custom-branded videos and advertisements.
  • ENERGY STAR certified for efficient charging and power savings

CPF50 Level 2 Charging Stations for Multifamily and for Fleet

3.8kW | 11.5kW

The CPF50 delivers seamless control over charging for both assigned and shared parking spots through its user-friendly EV charging management software. 

  • User-friendly EV charging management software
  • Customize stations for assigned/shared parking
  • Remote driver access management for security
  • Tailor charging fees: driver type, session duration, energy rates, and time of use

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