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Energy costs are a major operational factor for warehouse and distribution facilities and lighting can use more energy than cooling, ventilation and space heating combined. Beyond energy, the repercussions of inadequate lighting run deeper into your operational performance, critically impacting the productive health of your entire operation. Here productivity, safety and operational costs are negatively impacted by inefficient lighting systems.


Inefficient lighting systems negatively impact operational performance,  productivity and are expensive to run. Poorly lit warehouses are also an invitation to accidents and other safety-related issues. These out-dated fluorescent and incandescent fixtures eat up energy and require costly maintenance.


PEC analyzes every inch of your warehouse and develops a lighting solution that improves light levels, productivity prevents accidents. Our engineers will develop a customized lighting and control solution to achieve optimal light levels for every workspace while maximizing energy savings.


When we design a customized lighting solution for a warehouse or distribution client, in addition to reducing energy waste and inefficiency, and reducing overall power cost overheads we focus on improving the work experience for employees. With improved visibility customers are also able to fully utilize and take advantage of their spaces.

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Optimum light levels in your warehouse

save money - lighting - icon

Reduce energy bills

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Support workplace safety goals

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Increase productivity

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Maximize state & local energy incentives

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Improve employee mood & morale

Maximize use of space in facility

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Meet sustainability goals

Proven, tested and known

We’ve worked with some of the largest warehouse companies in the world and understand their challenges implicitly.

  • Power
  • Lighting design
  • Incentives management
  • LED retrofit
  • Lighting controls

Massive IMPACT for the largest logistics company in the world

Safer and more productive environments with 76% energy reduction & annual savings of over $2.3M!


56% Energy reduction & vastly improved lighting

Supreme savings for SYSCO!

IKEA LED Lighting Retrofit

See the impact at this IKEA distrubution center

237 energy reduction and improved visibility! A project that both helps this location as well as IKEA’s larger sustainability goals.

PEC changed our business with their lighting system. Not only did they save us with efficiency but the temperature in our warehouse is lower, our lighting is better, the warehouse is safer, and our energy bills are lower.

-Branch Manager | ABC Supply Co.Waxahachie, TX

Warehouse & distrubution pain points

Your store’s lighting is one of your most important sales tools. The right lighting makes the products or experiences your business sells appealing and draws in customers. The wrong lighting does the exact opposite–and makes attracting people to your store a much more difficult proposition.

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Inefficient lighting systems are a disadvantage to warehouse spaces. Not only are they wasting energy, but poor lighting impacts performance even productivity.

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10% Of total revenue is spent on energy costs by some warehouses, with warehouses as a whole spending an average of .70 cents per square foot on energy

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Poor lighting is directly connected to safety. Improperly lit workplaces report higher accident rates and poorer employee mood and morale

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Bad for the environment

Customers are more environmentally focussed than ever, More and more companies are making sustainability a etc etc..

Our impact

Believe it or not, an LED retrofit lighting solution can tackle each of these challenges at once. LED lighting upgrades can use up to 75% less energy and last 10 to 50 times longer. These systems can be customized for specific temperatures and innovations, providing more visible light than conventional systems.

Run Efficient

Our lighting solutions last longer, reduce energy waste, and utilize automatic control systems that conserve power. LED lighting makes your business far more energy-efficient.

Save Money

LED lighting consumes far less power than their traditional counterparts. Switching to LED lighting can substantially lower your power bill. PEC’s lighting installations also last longer and require less maintenance.

Work Happy

By designing our lighting solutions for your business, we can ensure that the lighting we provide will make your retail establishment look welcoming and display your merchandise in the best light (literally). You get a workplace that works better for you.

Protect the Planet

By consuming less power and running more efficiently, LED lights help substantially reduce your retail businesses’ environmental impact. Our upgrades will also help you qualify for utility incentives.

Not all LED solutions are the same

There are huge variances in both LED fixtures and implementation. Lower quality fixtures and unplanned, or poorly implemented systems will not produce adequate results.

Unlike some companies we are manufacturer agnostic. This frees us to focus on one thing and one thing only — what’s right for your project and ultimately your business. We start at the solution and only select high performance products that augment that solution with zero compromises. 

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