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Security Properties deploys networked EV charging at multi-family property

Learn how Security Properties enhanced their tenant experience, while creating a new revenue stream with a custom EV charging solution provided by PEC


Modern amenities for high-value tenants

For Security Properties, EV Charging isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. With the rapid adoption of electric vehicles in some of their key markets, they were looking for a way to quickly and effectively offer an EV Charging solution that provided a great experience for tenants, while helping them work towards their broader businesses and sustainability goals. 

Challenges Security Properties was facing:

  • Finding the best charger & capabilities that best aligned with the tenant experience
  • Strategizing a revenue model that best made sense for their tenants and business goals
  • Understanding the electrical infrastructure needed for power and charger placement
  • Learning how to obtain any incentive funding that may be available for the project
  • Ensuring any regional permitting requirements were in place before construction
  • Deploying a durable solution that could hold up to the elements

About the process

After a first attempt at installing chargers in-house (and a number of speedbumps along the way) Security Properties determined they would benefit from expert guidance — leading to their decision to work with PEC. Our team worked with them closely to help them to understand their top objectives, iron out a revenue model, learn the existing site infrastructure, and craft a charging solution that best met their needs.

How PEC helped

  • Designed a solution that worked seamless for tenants
  • Helped to develop a business model that most effectively generated revenue without compromising tenant experience
  • Provided multiple solution options that broke down infrastructure needs, cost estimates, projected revenue, future cashflow, and ROI
  • Gathered any available incentives through SP’s or government
  • Worked directly with local municipality to handle any permitting requirements
  • Created the power infrastructure needed for current and any future charging needs
  • Managed and trained on charger installation and commissioning
  • Continue to provide lifelong support for any potential warranty claims, issues, or future support needs

The final product

The process working with Security Properties was seamless and successful. 

About the solution

  • 4 SemaConnect dual port chargers
  • Load sharing system to optimize charging experience
  • Cable management system to prevent cable damage
  • Revenue strategy to cover costs + network fees, without compromising tenant experience
  • Future-proofed electrical infrastructure to allow for additional chargers for future demand 

“What I’ve been impressed with is PEC’s team and knowledge base to address unique site challenges in a way that makes sense and makes it better for the resident . . . communication is critical from my perspective, and PEC has great communication through the start to finish of the projects.”

David Wartena
Senior Director, Construction Services

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