How Qualified Improvement Property applies to LED Lighting Upgrades in 2023

Qualified improvement property - LED retrofit

Qualified Improvement Property (known as QIP) is a valuable tax advantage that C&I businesses can leverage to help reduce the upfront cost of a LED lighting retrofit (among other types of projects). However, the value of this tax advantage, known as bonus depreciation, will begin to gradually diminish over the next few years as temporary […]

4 ways to manage rising energy costs in industrial spaces

Retail prices for electricity continue to see unprecedented growth throughout the US. According to the EIA’s 2022 Census, the average cent per kilowatthour across all sectors saw an increase of over 17% from September 2021 to September 2022 — rising from 11.59 to 13.52. Furthermore, the industrial sector continues to be one of the most […]

Ask the Expert: What goes into managing an LED lighting retrofit?

Project Management Timeline - LED Lighting Retrofit

LED lighting retrofits can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency, energy spend, and overall light levels for commercial and industrial facilities. And when you begin the process of calculating the energy savings your building will gain from an LED upgrade, you may see reductions over 80% and a project payback period less than […]

8 Ways That Lighting Impacts Retail Spaces

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It’s no secret that lighting has an effect on the retail shopping experience, but some benefits may be more obvious than others. Shopper moods, buying behavior, employee productivity, energy efficiency, your brand, and even your bottom line will all feel an impact from just the lighting in your space.

5 steps to calculate energy savings for your LED Retrofit project

commercial energy savings formula

Calculating energy savings can be tricky business without an energy monitoring device installed. This blog post will take the mystery out of estimating the potential energy savings you could harness from a commercial or industrial LED retrofit project. Here we outline exactly how we approach calculating energy savings for our lighting projects. (If you have […]

Project Management: The Key to a Successful Lighting Upgrade

complex led lighting installation

Hiring a lighting contractor with a dedicated project management team is the best way to ensure a successful commercial lighting or industrial lighting upgrade project. Project managers are experienced in handling the biggest challenges in LED retrofit installation projects—and every aspect that comes along with it. You can avoid the challenges of commercial or industrial […]