What’s a Foot Candle and why does it matter?

Foot-candle: a unit of illuminance or illumination, equivalent to the illumination produced by a source of one candle at a distance of one foot and equal to one lumen incident per square foot. Abbreviation: FC Foot-candle (FC) readings are one of the ways our lighting design specialists and project managers measure and quantify light levels […]

Don’t get burned with substandard TLED lighting

Dangers of TLED Upgrades

TLED / tubular LED technology can be traced back to the early 2000s at a time where the development of white LEDs made it possible to use LEDs for general lighting. Traditionally designed to be a retrofit replacement for flourescent tubes in compatible luminaries, LED tubes (TLEDs) were an attractive option offering significant cost and […]

What’s your sustainability score?

A part of running a successful business is managing risk and preparing for the future. Increasingly the risk-management narrative has centered around the topic of sustainability.

Energy Incentives

Reduce the upfront cost of your LED lighting project by securing electrical utility incentives/ rebates. Energy incentive management is meticulous and time-consuming work. Our incentives management team are experts who make this process seamless.