5 steps to calculate energy savings for your LED Retrofit project

commercial energy savings formula

Calculating energy savings can be tricky business without an energy monitoring device installed. This blog post will take the mystery out of estimating the potential energy savings you could harness from a commercial or industrial LED retrofit project. Here we outline exactly how we approach calculating energy savings for our lighting projects. (If you have […]

Project Management: The Key to a Successful Lighting Upgrade

complex led lighting installation

Hiring a lighting contractor with a dedicated project management team is the best way to ensure a successful commercial lighting or industrial lighting upgrade project. Project managers are experienced in handling the biggest challenges in LED retrofit installation projects—and every aspect that comes along with it. You can avoid the challenges of commercial or industrial […]

What is ESG and How Can my business implement ESG measures?

What is ESG? ESG stands for Environmental, Social and corporate Governance, and it’s a system of (at-present) optional corporate reporting that’s associated with sustainability, and has more recently been used as a selling point in the markets, equated with a good indicator of which companies may be good to invest in. Beyond stocks and trading, […]

4 Reasons Why Hiring a Lighting Contractor Is Better Than Doing It Yourself

You’ve decided to do a lighting upgrade—exciting! When it comes to commercial and industrial LED lighting you should hire an LED retrofit contractor. You’ll be hiring someone who knows what they’re doing because it’s their job—their only job. Time is money, and you’ll save both in the end. Take it from some of our customers: […]

Is LED Light Harmful to Your Health?

Questions about the harmful effects of LED lights are everywhere. Blue light blockers have become commonplace at the office, and phones have nighttime settings to minimize blue light exposure when it’s closer to bedtime. There are also claims that retinas can be harmed by blue light.  Yet, according to the EU’s Scientific Committee on Health, […]

13 years of our Why!

PEC energy savings infographic

Creating a better world starts with making changes on a smaller scale. July 2022 marks 13 years in business for North America’s most innovative energy-efficiency consultants, Pacific Energy Concepts (PEC). 13 years into a passion for creating a better world by helping commercial & industrial businesses achieve massive operational improvements, increase safety in dangerous environments, […]

How Does Lighting Improve Productivity?

Smiling worker in well lit, productive work environment

Not only does being productive leave you filled with a sense of purpose, it can also be mood-lifting, flooding a person with endorphins that give energy and motivation. The science shows that the companies that get the most out of their employees curate a workplace environment that encourages feelings of productivity. And – for all […]

5 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

Global demand for energy has spiked at a time when the planet faces critical decisions about the future use of fossil fuels. Projections suggest a 34% increase in energy consumption worldwide over the next twenty years, all while governments work to urgently steer Earth on a path towards zero net emissions by 2050. The world […]