Ask the Expert: What goes into managing an LED lighting retrofit?

Project Management Timeline - LED Lighting Retrofit

LED lighting retrofits can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency, energy spend, and overall light levels for commercial and industrial facilities. And when you begin the process of calculating the energy savings your building will gain from an LED upgrade, you may see reductions over 80% and a project payback period less than […]

Nossa Familia Case Study

Energy Efficiency Solutions for Nossa Familia Coffee

PEC deploys EV charging and LED solutions for Nossa Familia Coffee LED Retrofit & EV Fleet Charging Solutions Nossa Familia Coffee PEC powers Nossa Familia towards net-zero emissions goal with EV Charging & LED Retrofit solutions — Augusto Carneiro Founder & Chief Friendship Officer of Nossa Familia Coffee On a path towards net-zero Nossa Familia […]

8 Ways That Lighting Impacts Retail Spaces

01-Retail-Space Lighting-8-Ways-Lighting-Impacts-Retail-Spaces copy

It’s no secret that lighting has an effect on the retail shopping experience, but some benefits may be more obvious than others. Shopper moods, buying behavior, employee productivity, energy efficiency, your brand, and even your bottom line will all feel an impact from just the lighting in your space.