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Creating a better world starts with making changes on a smaller scale.

July 2022 marks 13 years in business for North America’s most innovative energy-efficiency consultants, Pacific Energy Concepts (PEC).

13 years into a passion for creating a better world by helping commercial & industrial businesses achieve massive operational improvements, increase safety in dangerous environments, significantly reduce energy & maintenance costs all while crushing sustainability goals.

In 2009 PEC set out with an ambition to achieve massive impact, starting locally, “we started one facility at a time in our local region [the Pacific Northwest]. But, since 2009 our customers have taken us across the country into all 50 states and Canada. Today, most of our projects are outside of Washington and Oregon and our customers have multi-site needs that take a portfolio approach.” states the company’s Founder and CEO Keith Scott.

While their beginnings were in lighting solutions for car dealerships and smaller manufacturing facilities the company now handles energy-efficient lighting system upgrades for some of the nation’s largest commercial & industrial energy consumers all with the goal of reducing carbon emissions to help meet net-zero goals, improving operations, and creating better work environments for the everyday worker.

Ultimately, the PEC team is aiming to create a better world both for the future of business and for future generations .

“We believe deeply that what we do matters. It matters to our team, our customers, and our planet.” states Jay Davis, President.

A huge aspect of PEC’s impact is achieved through saving energy through their turn-key solutions in high-performance LED lighting retrofit and advanced control systems. But the company continues to expand its offering to include energy-saving solutions like smart motors for HVAC systems and EV Charging stations.

“It’s really exciting to look at the data and see just how much of an impact we’ve had over the last 13 years” Mr. Davis continues. Reviewing the cumulative savings their 8000+ projects have generated (to-date) PEC conservatively estimates well over 2,250,000,000kWh (kilowatt hours) in energy waste reductions so far.

PEC’s energy savings over time to date. Note updated figures estimate 2.64 Billion kWh savings to date 2022.

These staggering savings are a collaboration of commitment to reducing energy waste and a testament to the long-term vision of each of PECs customers who aim to create genuine change in their businesses and workplaces.

“Our customers’ desire to make real improvements to their operational performance is what drives sustainable impact of this magnitude” states Clark Phillips, Sales Director.

When looking at savings like this it helps to visualize them in tangible ways, “we do this using the EPA calculator from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, it’s a great tool to gather equivalencies and to thoroughly visualize the impact of these savings” Mr. Phillips continues.

Using the EPA tool we can see that 2.25Billion kilowatt hours (kWhs) saved represents a staggering impact equivalent to 1,757,675 tons of Carbon Dioxide, or CO2 emissions from 179,423,380 Gallons gas consumed. To put it yet another way, that’s enough gasoline saved to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool 271 times.

PEC energy savings infographic

Behind these incredible numbers, PEC customers see powerful operational efficiencies that further their greater business goals, in addition to providing better-lit and safer workplaces. The exciting news is, they are 13 years into a story that’s only just beginning.

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