Energy efficient solutions

Energy waste reduction projects that offer massive savings


kWhs (kilowatt-hours) saved

Energy efficient lighting

Designed to optimize the spaces that impact your business


dollars in energy savings for our customers

IoT enabled

Controls, sensors, and smart motor technology to improve efficiency and air quality

Value engineering

intelligence in everything…

Energy efficient buildings

Stay competitive and increase cash flow


gallons of gas saved

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North America’s most innovative energy optimization company, delivering custom LED lighting and energy solutions for complex commercial and industrial environments (like warehouses, factories, retail spaces and building exteriors)

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What we do

Good lighting is good for business

Run efficient

Whether it’s a building remodel or new construction, we handle all aspects of your lighting — providing a custom solution that fits your exact needs.

Save money

From Costco to Sysco, we work with the world’s most admired organizations to maximize every dollar they spent on energy.

Work happy

Beyond cost savings, PEC’s lighting solutions help businesses boost employee morale, improve worker safety and increase productivity.

Ingenuity in energy

We believe lighting isn’t just a necessity. It’s an investment in your future. We make that investment go as far as possible for our clients – transforming inefficient buildings into energy-saving workplaces that make people look forward to Monday.

Financial Impact
Annual Energy Savings
Expense Covered by Incentives
Rate of Return on Investment
1.62 Years
Environmental Impact
Displaced Energy
9,452,844 KWH
Vigor shipyard afterAfter
Vigor Industrial
Financial Impact
Annual Energy Savings
Expense Covered by Incentives
Rate of Return on Investment
1.72 Years
Environmental Impact
Displaced Capacity:
392.71 KW
Displaced Energy
139,989 KWH

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