Keith Scott

Founder & CEO

Innovation and impact – the foundation of success

In 2009, Keith recognized a single, blaring industry truth: energy conservation represents a world of business opportunity and companies are fundamentally thinking about lighting the wrong way. Inspired to transform the lighting paradigm for businesses, Keith founded Pacific Energy Concepts to focus on the bigger picture of energy efficiency. Since PEC was founded, it operates on Keith’s original model: leveraging energy efficiency projects to deliver massive impact to the business as a whole.

Today, Pacific Energy Concepts ranks as a Inc. 5000 company and has completed thousands of projects across the nation and in Canada. The value delivered to clients today has expanded a great deal due to the evolution of technology.

Pacific Energy Concepts stays on the leading edge of implementing systems that are networked, connected, and are interacting with clients in new ways. Through these networked systems, connecting and capturing real-time business intelligence data has become feasible with advancements in our space – changing the way businesses should look at energy efficient projects.

You can find Keith…

Descending mountains on either his skis or mountain bike depending on the season, spending time with family and learning from his many mentors.

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