Retail Store Lighting

Pacific Energy Concepts designs lighting solutions that improve the in-store experience for customers and create the aesthetic you’re looking for.


Dim or poorly-lit retail environments create a harsh visual experience and can negatively affect buyer behavior and employee morale. Stores without a strategic approach to lighting fail to draw people into the store and enhance the appeal of products.


We seek to understand the needs of customers and employees to enhance the look and feel of your retail space. Our innovative technology and knack for lighting design will bring measurable, concrete improvements to your business — and keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Create the in-store ambiance you’re after.
  • Merchandise products effectively.
  • Reduce monthly energy expenses.
  • Increase worker productivity and morale.
  • Maximize state and local energy incentives.

Why Does My Retail Business Need an LED Lighting Upgrade?

Your store’s lighting is one of your most important sales tools. The right lighting makes the products or experiences your business sells appealing and draws in customers. The wrong lighting does the exact opposite–and makes attracting people to your store a much more difficult proposition.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to achieve the right lighting for your store’s ambiance without completely breaking the bank. Retail lighting is a significant expense, both because of how much it costs to power and how much it may cost to maintain or repair. Any effective retail lighting system must overcome each of these challenges:

Run efficient

Retail businesses keep a lot of lights on for all hours of operation. If these lights don’t run efficiently, they could waste enough power to seriously cut into your bottom line.

Save money

Your retail business operates on a strict budget. Your lighting needs to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Work happy

Properly lighting a retail space is essential for both customers and employees. Well-lit retail spaces draw in more customers and help keep your employees happy.

Installing the right LED retrofit lighting solution is the easiest, most cost-effective, and most efficient way for your retail business to overcome each of these challenges. LED lighting systems use up to 75% less energy, last 10 to 50 times longer than traditional lighting, and will brighten your retail establishment more effectively to boot.

Unfortunately, however, simply replacing your retail establishment’s current lighting with LED bulbs may not be enough. In order to make the most of an LED retrofit, you’ll need an expert’s help to design and implement it correctly. Luckily, you have an expert’s help. That’s where PEC comes in.

How Will an LED Retrofit Lighting Upgrade Help My Retail Business?

Retrofitting LED lighting in your retail space will directly help your business by displaying your vehicles more effectively, cutting down on your energy costs, and improving employee morale and safety.

To truly maximize the savings and advantages our LED Retrofit lighting upgrade can provide, however, PEC will go even further. We custom design our lighting solutions for each retail space we work with. By analyzing each critical area of your showroom, we can figure out your lighting goals and how we can achieve them.

By keeping your specific goals and concerns in mind, PEC can implement a lighting solution that:

  • Displays your merchandise more vibrantly
  • Improves the quality of lighting
  • Reduces energy usage (kWh)
  • Reduces energy spend over time
  • Results in critical business-wide KPI improvements

When you work with PEC, our lighting consultants get to know your business. We analyze your merchandise display and showrooms to figure out how we can improve performance and efficiency with LED lighting systems. We also learn about your unique challenges to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business goals.

Once we understand what you need, we figure out how to make it happen. We’ll design a plan that achieves optimal lighting levels, maximizes energy savings, helps you qualify for utility incentives, and makes sure you reach your display improvement and performance goals. After we’ve designed the plan, we’ll install it seamlessly. We manage your project from end-to-end. Just contact us with your retail store’s lighting problem, when we’re done, you’ll have a lighting solution that pays for itself–and then some!

How Does an LED Lighting Upgrade Work?

When you contact PEC about your retail businesses’ lighting, our team will walk you through our proprietary design and implementation process step by step. Here’s how it works:

Energy Assessment

Determining what lighting success is on your terms.
First, our lighting engineers visit your retail establishment to understand your current lighting situation and how we could improve it. We’ll work with you to figure out how you want your lighting to improve and how we can make that happen.

Energy Audit

Determining what it takes to achieve lighting success on your terms.
After the initial assessment, our team will analyze your energy and lighting on a technical level. We’ll review infrastructure data, measure your building’s dimensions, review past power bills, and perform a complete onsite level analysis. This data helps us ensure that our lighting solution has a real, measurable impact on your business.

Lighting Design and Control Services

Developing the plan to achieve lighting success.
Once we have the data we need, we begin designing your unique lighting plan. Our experts use 3D design software to visualize what your retail establishment will look like once we’ve implemented your new LED lighting concept. You’ll be able to see, comment on, and direct what your retail space’s lighting solution before we actually begin the installation.

Incentive Management

Making our lighting solution start paying for itself.
PEC’s team figures out which utility incentives your dealership could potentially qualify for and designs your team to help make sure you attain them. We’ll also apply for the incentives we target, handling all the paperwork and logistical management required to qualify and benefit from these incentives.

Project Management

Making your plan a reality.
Once you’ve approved the plan, we’ll make it a reality. You’ll be assigned a Project Manager (PM) who will make sure your plan is successfully implemented. They’ll schedule work, arrange deliveries and installations, and communicate with you to make sure you know what happens next.

Installation and Completion

Achieving lighting success on your terms.
After we’re finished installing your LED lighting solution, your PM will perform one final onsite audit to confirm that your new LED lighting solution is functioning exactly as we planned. If everything meets your highest expectations, we’ll schedule a tour with an incentive inspector and have you fill out the final paperwork.

How Will the PEC Process Impact My Retail Business?

When we design a custom lighting solution, we strive for impact. We want our lighting solutions to have a measurable, positive impact not just on your bottom line, but on your entire retail business. The PEC process makes this impact a reality by helping you:

Run efficient

Our lighting solutions last longer, reduce energy waste, and utilize automatic control systems that conserve power. LED lighting makes your business far more energy-efficient.

Save money

LED lighting consumes far less power than their traditional counterparts. Switching to LED lighting can substantially lower your power bill. PEC’s lighting installations also last longer and require less maintenance.

Work happy

By designing our lighting solutions for your business, we can ensure that the lighting we provide will make your retail establishment look welcoming and display your merchandise in the best light (literally). You get a workplace that works better for you.

Help the planet

By consuming less power and running more efficiently, LED lights help substantially reduce your retail businesses’ environmental impact. Our upgrades will also help you qualify for utility incentives.

We’ve developed and installed highly impactful lighting solutions for a wide variety of retail stores and spaces like yours. Here are just a few of our many success stories:

We’ve completed over 7000 custom lighting projects, including designing impactful lighting solutions for car dealerships of all types and sizes.

Find out how PEC’s automotive dealership lighting solutions could impact your facility.


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