Manufacturing Facility Lighting

Light the way to safety and savings with an energy-efficient, modern LED lighting solution for your factory floor.


Lighting can make up  10–40% of a manufacturer’s monthly energy expense — an operating cost that directly cuts into margins. Dim or poorly-lit facilities are also extremely hazardous and can lead to accident, injury, and other safety concerns.


PEC leverages innovative lighting design and control services to help you improve productivity and avoid incident. Our engineers will develop a customized solution to achieve optimal light levels for every workspace while maximizing energy savings and capturing every possible incentive.

  • Reduce monthly energy expenses.
  • Increase worker productivity.
  • Support workplace safety goals.
  • Maximize state and local energy incentives.
  • Promote positive employee morale.

Hit the "easy button" to retrofit your Manufacturing Plant

Our LED retrofit lighting solutions are custom-designed for every company we partner with. We get to know your environment, your lighting needs, and all safety and code compliance considerations before we design your lighting concept.

When we design a customized lighting solution for a manufacturing client, in addition to reducing energy waste and inefficiency, and reducing overall power cost overheads we focus on ensuring employee safety and regulatory compliance. Our LED retrofit upgrade will:

  • Improve facility-wide light levels
  • Reduce energy usage (kWh)
  • Reduce energy spend
  • Drastically reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Impact KPIs  across the board

Our lighting and energy experts will visit your manufacturing plant to get to know your business and assess your existing lighting infrastructure. We’ll ask you about your businesses’ unique challenges, and develop a deep understanding of your needs.

After we get to know your business, we’ll design a lighting concept to solve your unique challenges. Our LED lighting concept proposals always achieve optimal light levels, maximize energy savings, and ensure you qualify for all available utility incentives, helping you reach your operational performance goals.

But, our turnkey approach doesn’t end at exceptional lighting design. After we design your new lighting system, our project management team will handle the implementation managing you project from end-to-end.

An LED retrofit lighting upgrade (done right) will help your manufacturing business that solves problems, promotes safety, and impacts KPIs beyond energy savings and ROIs.


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Our Retrofit Upgrade Process

When you choose PEC as your energy-efficiency partner, we will follow every step of our proprietary design and implementation process. Here’s how it’ll work:

Energy Assessment

What does success mean to you?

First, our lighting engineers meet you on-site at your facility to assess your unique lighting needs and business goals. We’ll start by listening and learning. We want to learn why you turn your lights on, what you do in your space, and how you use the space. Then we’ll review your current lighting system. Most importantly, this is where we establish your lighting goals. During the EAM (energy assessment meeting), we’ll figure out how we can add value to your business.

Energy Audit

Discovering what it takes to achieve your goals. 

After assessing your lighting usage and needs, our team conducts an exhaustive evaluation of your business. We compile infrastructure data, measure your building’s dimensions, review your past power bills, and perform a complete onsite level analysis. During an energy audit, we gather all the data we need to make sure the work we do has a real, measurable impact on your manufacturing business.

Lighting Design and Control Services

Customizing a plan to achieve a successful lighting solution.

Once we have the data we need, we start designing the right plan for you. Our experts use the latest 3D design software to visualize what your workplace will look like with our lighting concept fully installed. When we’ve developed the plan we’ll let you “try before you buy” by seeing and asking questions the full plan in our 3D software. You’ll see exactly what your plan will look like and how it will perform before you commit to it. 

Incentive Management

Increasing your ROI by capturing funds to help cover upfront costs.

Utility incentives are local and nation-wide initiatives meant to incentivize businesses to switch to energy-efficient, green lighting. When you retrofit your facilities with energy-efficient LED upgrades, you could be entitled to tax breaks and other serious savings. During this step, PEC figures out which utility incentives your manufacturing facility may qualify for and make sure our plan qualifies for as many as possible. We’ll also apply for these incentives, handling everything required to make sure you benefit from as many as possible.     

Project Management

Making our lighting plan a reality.

When you’ve approved the plan you will be assigned a Project Manager (PM). Your PM is your main point of contact through the end of the project. They’ll let you know what to expect, schedule workers, arrange delivery and installation, and make sure everything proceeds according to plan.

Installation and Completion

Implementing your “built-to-last” solution and measuring the impact.

When we’re finished implementing your lighting plan, your PM performs a final onsite audit. This audit confirms that all elements of your plan were installed and function correctly. If everything meets our standards and your standards, we will schedule a tour with an incentive inspector and send you any final paperwork to sign off on so you can sit back and benefit from your LED lighting upgrade.

LED for Manufacturing

In manufacturing environments lighting must run consistently, efficiently, and sometimes even continuously (24/7), often in extreme conditions. Inefficient or ineffective lighting under these trying conditions often results in costly, disruptive, and even dangerous systems.

Ensuring your lighting system works as well as it needs to isn’t simply a matter of efficiency; it’s a matter of safety. If your lighting doesn’t measure up to code, you could incur fines, waste money, or endanger your employees. To avoid these risks, your lighting must:

Run Efficient

Manufacturing lighting systems need to reliably run 24-7 while withstanding extreme conditions and providing appropriate light levels, all without guzzling so much energy that they become cost-prohibitive.

Save Money

Inefficient lighting significantly cuts into your margins, especially if it requires constant maintenance. Lighting can make up more than 10–40% of a manufacturer’s monthly energy expense – that’s a lot.

Work Happy

Manufacturing lighting must provide sufficient light to keep employees safe. Proper lighting placement, type, and protection are essential considerations when designing manufacturing lighting concepts.

Help the Planet

Efficient LED lighting systems waste far less energy than conventional counterparts. This will reduce your businesses’ environmental impact and net your business valuable utility incentives.

Not all LED lighting solutions are created equal.

LED lighting systems can use up to 75% less energy and last 10 to 50 times longer than conventional systems, but only if they’re installed and implemented correctly.

To maximize your manufacturing businesses’ safety, productivity, energy efficiency, and ultimately profitability, you’ll need an LED lighting system that’s custom-designed for your business and implemented by experts.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with us.

What's the Impact?

PEC’s mission for each of our lighting projects is impact. We want our work to have a measurable, positive impact on your manufacturing business. Here are four concrete ways PEC’s lighting solutions will make an impact on your manufacturing business:

Run Efficient

LED retrofits last longer, increase production and output of light, waste less energy, and utilize efficient automatic control systems. Your new lighting will be more efficient and less wasteful.

Save Money

LED retrofit lighting concepts consume far less power than traditional systems. In fact, installing LEDs will be less expensive than maintaining an outdated lighting system.

Work Happy

The right lighting will transform a workspace, making it a much safer and more positive place to work. By getting to know your business, PEC can make sure our lighting solution provides the exact right lighting for the job.

Help the Planet

LED retrofits waste less power, last longer, and work better than traditional counterparts. Your manufacturing company will impact the environment less, which will help ensure our lighting impacts your bottom line more.

Most importantly, PEC is interested in what impact means to you. We design lighting solutions that impact more than just your bottom line. The lighting solution we design for your manufacturing company will be the right solution for you, because it’s designed for you. If you’ve been looking for a lighting solution that makes a real difference for your business, PEC is the partner you’ve been hoping for.


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