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We thrive in complex & challenging manufacturing spaces

In manufacturing environments lighting systems often run continuously and under extreme conditions. Inefficient or ineffective lighting under these trying conditions often results in costly, maintenance-intensive, and sometimes even dangerous systems. Our energy engineers solve these problems and maximize operational objectives with high-performance systems. 

We’ve designed and installed thousands of LED lighting projects in manufacturing plants across North America


Lighting can make up 10–40% of a manufacturer’s monthly energy expense — an operating cost that directly cuts into your bottom-line. Dim or poorly-lit facilities create hazardous environments and can lead to accidents and other safety concerns. Furthermore, without the correct fixture type, rated life, and lumen package for your facility you’ll waste money and energy on improper lighting systems.


PEC leverages our team of experts to specify lighting design and control solutions that will help you improve productivity, increase safety, and lower OPEX. Our engineers develop customized solutions that achieve optimal light levels for your manufacturing facility while maximizing energy savings and capturing every possible incentive.


When we design an energy-efficient lighting solution for a manufacturing client we aim to reduce waste and inefficiency, while decreasing energy spend & maintenance overhead costs.  We’ll focus on what’s important to you, ensuring employee safety and regulatory compliance. A LED retrofit upgrade with us will:

Improve facility-wide light levels

Reduce energy bills

Increase worker productivity

Support workplace safety goals

Maximize state & local energy incentives

Reduce costly maintenance

Impact KPIs across the board

Meet sustainability goals

Proven, tested and known

We have solved some of the biggest challenges in the industry and excel at tackling complex installations. We’ve worked with some of the largest manufacturers in North America and understand their pain points. Our end-to-end process ensures you’ll be taken care of  every step of the way. Once complete, we’re confident your new lighting system will measurably improve your business.

West Fraser LED Lighting Retrofit
West Fraser

56% Energy reduction & vastly improved lighting

See the difference for West Fraser with vastly improved light levels and huge efficiency gains.

EMJ Metals

Headline headline

See how this energy efficiency project for Alaska Airlines implemented smart lighting solutions technology to significantly reduce energy and help them meet their sustainability goals.

Jeld Wen

See how this ligthing project helped Jeld Wen reduce waste

One of the largest projects in the history of the Energy Trust of Oregon. See the outstanding savings and incentives we were able to leverage for VIGOR.


5% recorded productivity increase for Milgard

What would you do for a 5% productivity gain in your facility?

The lighting project is working out “GREAT” – in a single word!

Our electric bill has been 48-52% LESS than what it was with the old lighting. The sensors are working well, and we only light the areas of the warehouse with activity.

The LED lights have other results as well.

SAFETY – the brighter lights have made us more aware of our surroundings and therefore a much safer place to work. Also, our electrical panels are running cool to the touch where before they were so hot you couldn’t touch the breaker covers.

The only problem I have is why I didn’t approve it sooner!

-Vice President/CEO,
The Steel Supply Company

Manufacturing pain points

Manufacturing and industrial environments face some of the toughest obstacles to reaching maximum lighting operational efficiency and performance. Inadequate and inefficient can leave you exposed to multiple issues which negatively effect your performance


Manufacturing lighting systems need to reliably run 24-7 while withstanding extreme conditions and providing appropriate light levels, all without guzzling so much energy that they become cost-prohibitive.


Inefficient lighting significantly cuts into your margins, especially if it requires constant maintenance. Lighting can make up more than 10–40% of a manufacturer’s monthly energy expense – that’s a lot.


Manufacturing lighting must provide sufficient light to keep employees safe. Proper lighting quality, placement, type, and protection are essential considerations when designing manufacturing lighting concepts.

Bad for the environment

Efficient LED lighting systems waste far less energy than conventional counterparts. This will reduce your businesses’ environmental impact and net your business valuable utility incentives.

Our impact

PEC’s mission for each of our lighting projects is impact. We want our work to have a measurable, positive impact on your manufacturing business. Here are four concrete ways PEC’s lighting solutions will make an impact on your manufacturing business.

Run Efficient

Not only will you have notably improved lighting quality, but it will use less energy and we further compound efficiency by utilizing advanced lighting controls that make sure you use lighting as and when you need it.

Save Money

We have saved over $200M and counting for our customers. With lighting making up to 40% of some manufacturers energy bills these systems translate directly to reductions in monthly energy bills. 

Work Happy

Some facilities have reduced their accident rates by 50% after an LED lighting project. Our customers consistently tell is how our projects have made their facilities safer places to work.

Protect the Planet

As sustainability becomes more important these projects can help you meet your sustainability goals. We have helped some of the biggest companies in the world meet these goals by aggressively targeting efficiency, often over multiple sites

Not all LED solutions are the same

There are huge variances in both LED fixtures and implementation. Lower quality fixtures and unplanned, or poorly implemented systems will not produce adequate results.

Unlike some companies we are manufacturer agnostic. This frees us to focus on one thing and one thing only — what’s right for your project and ultimately your business. We start at the solution and only select high performance products that augment that solution with zero compromises. 

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