With PEC you can Run Efficient Save Money Work Happy Protect the Planet

We take a whole-business approach to lighting and energy. Our experienced team develops and deploys sophisticated lighting strategies that actively support you, your employees, and your business in achieving optimum performance. 

Others change lightbulbs, we transform businesses.

Proven & trusted

PEC is the most experienced and trusted in the industry, with an unbeatable track record. With over 7000 projects in all 50 states and parts of Canada, we have saved our customers 1,255,000,000+ kWhs and over $100,000,000. Not only that, but our projects have and continue to improve operational performance, safety, productivity, and sustainability across North America.

See how you can...

Run Efficient

We utilize our industry leading experience and expertise to leverage maximum efficiency from your facility

Save Money

We work with the world’s most admired organizations to maximize every dollar they spend on energy

Work Happy

PEC’s lighting solutions help you boost employee morale, improve worker safety, and increase productivity

Protect the Planet

Transform your environmental impact. Our lighting projects offer an immediate pathway to sustainability.

Dim West Fraser Manufacturing facility - before LED lighting projectBright West Fraser Manufacturing facility - after LED lighting project

Our Difference

What makes PEC so different? Our combination of experience, expertise, and commitment to extracting maximum efficiency out of your space. Our secret sauce lays with our expert team who guide you through every step of our detailed end-to-end process.

Dream Teams

We have the most experienced lighting engineers in the country (seriously), who team up with our lighting designers and dedicated project managers to deliver a superb customer experience across all phases of your lighting and energy project.

End-to-End Service

PEC is your one-stop-shop for commercial, industrial and retail lighting. We manage every aspect of your project — from our initial energy audit and incentive management to design and implementation. We offer a true turnkey solution.

Complex Spaces

We’re at our best when working with massive, complex, or industrial environments. Our teams have been tapped by some of the largest manufacturers and retailers to design and implement lighting solutions no one else can.

Custom Approach

One size doesn’t fit all. We’ll work with you to design and build high-performance, energy-efficient solutions. We are vendor-agnostic, which means we can choose the right lighting solutions that have the greatest impact on people’s work lives and our clients’ businesses.

Our Process

When it comes to your lighting project, you can leave all the hassles and headaches to us.

PEC’s proprietary approach begins with a comprehensive analysis of your building’s lighting system. Our expert team then develops customized lighting solutions and manages the project and incentive process from start to finish – delivering impact to your building’s aesthetics and your bottom line.

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Energy assessment

Every project begins with a complete assessment of your unique lighting needs and objectives. We discuss how you’re currently using your space, review existing technologies, and establish clear directives for how to add value to your building.

Large industrial facility being analyzed

Energy audit

Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your site compiling existing infrastructure data, measuring building dimensions and performing a complete onsite level analysis.

Lighting design software - photometrics

Lighting design & control services

We use 3D design software to help us all visualize the latest in lighting technology in your space. The result? A customized 3D model of your site incorporating our solutions — including projected light levels and photometrics. By comparing your existing system to our proposal, you’re able to “try before you buy” and witness the impact on your facility.

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Incentive management

Energy incentives are one of the most easily misunderstood aspects of lighting renovation. With our own in-house, national incentives team we work with some of the largest electric utilities in the country to maximize energy efficiency incentives for our customers. No matter where you are located, we will research, apply for, and manage the incentive process for your project.

Project planner depecition

Project Management

You will be assigned a designated Project manager (PM) who will be your main point of contact throughout the rest of the project. They will keep you informed about what to expect, schedule contractors and arrange for material delivery and installation.

North West Pipe after lighting project

Installation and completion

Once the install is done, your PM will perform an onsite 100% re-audit to confirm the project was implemented correctly. If everything meets our standards, your PM will schedule a tour with an incentive inspector and we’ll send you any required paperwork to sign off on your completed LED upgrade.