LED Retrofit

The energy-saving potential of an LED retrofit is massive when done right. Our team of proven and trusted commercial lighting contractors can help you achieve your business goals on a grander scale.

Transform your work environments and strengthen your operational performance. By upgrading your facility with a fully-tailored LED solution you can dramatically improve employee performance, cut energy spend, increase productivity, and reduce waste (just to name a few benefits).

What is an LED Retrofit?

An LED Retrofit can increase energy efficiency and improve safety in your facility. But, most importantly an upgraded lighting system will ensure your workspace delivers exactly the right amount of light when and where you need it.

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Why choose an LED Retrofit?

Retrofitting your facility with LED lighting means we’ll design a customized solution that meets your energy-saving or light-level requirement by replacing your existing lighting system with high-performing LED lighting technology.

Retrofitting your lighting with LED systems is a flexible and cost-effective way to make a major impact on your business. We believe nothing can transform a work environment like modern lighting. And few things can strengthen your balance sheet like the energy-saving potential of an LED retrofit. The benefits of a retrofit upgrade are far-reaching, from increased light levels and efficiency to productivity metrics and safety improvements.

Retrofitted LEDs use up to 75% less energy and last 10 to 50 times longer than traditional systems. Properly implemented LED retrofits also qualify your facility for environmental incentives that can cover a significant proportion of the up-front costs of a retrofit project. Switching to a custom, professionally designed and installed LED system improves your lighting, saves money, and helps you benefit from incentives.

LED retrofits impact more than your bottom line–it’ll help you see your workspace in a whole new light.

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How does it work?

LED retrofitting is what we’ve been doing for over 12 years – and we’re really good at it. Our lighting experts will meet you at your facility to conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing system to determine exactly how your business would benefit from a retrofit. Our engineers figure out the best way to achieve your lighting goals.

After we’ve conceptualized your design, we’ll show you what we intend to do using 3D design software and comparing the performance metrics of your existing system with our recommendation. You’ll be able to “try before you buy” by seeing the difference your LED retrofit lighting could make firsthand. When you’re satisfied that our plan meets your lighting goals as effectively as possible, we’ll bring it to life.


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