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Among a number of exciting promotions we’ve announced and celebrated in-house, on our LinkedIn page, and across social media we want to highlight and celebrate the promotion of Jay Davis into his new role as President of Pacific Energy Concepts.

Officially assuming the position change (from VP of Business Development) on April 1st 2021, Jay has already been taking on the day-to-day management and oversight of PEC for the past several months.

Jay Davis President, PEC

On promoting Jay to the role of President, CEO and founder Keith Scott advised, “this has not been an overnight thing, we’ve been slowly and continually up-leveling from within, this has allowed me to let go of a lot of those day-to-day responsibilities and ensures I can make a bigger impact for this company, our customers, and this team.”

Jay has been with PEC for almost ten years, joining the company in 2011 as the third team member following founder Keith Scott and Sales Director Tommy Allen, he began in sales, designing, selling, and implementing custom energy solutions for C&I facilities.

“Since day one Jay has continually stepped up fueling our growth and evolution over the years” states Keith.

While reflecting on his time at PEC Jay recalls one of his first projects, “I remember I could just see what we had done mattered to the customer, it mattered to their workforce and added positive value to their business. I could see that delivering good impact translates benefits from our customers to our own families, and the world, we’re doing a good thing and it matters that we keep expanding on that.”

Read the full press release here.

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