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In a world ever-conscious of our impact on the environment, businesses are on a relentless quest to discover innovative ways to reduce energy consumption and adopt sustainable practices. One extraordinary solution that has taken the commercial and industrial sectors by storm is LED retrofitting. Imagine the iconic skyline of a bustling city, once bathed in the glow of energy-guzzling neon lights, now transformed into a shimmering tapestry of energy-efficient LED brilliance. Picture a dimly-lit warehouse, where productivity was once hampered by inadequate lighting, now bursting with vibrant illumination that invigorates the workforce and elevates their performance.

Let’s dive deep into the world of LED retrofitting, revealing its secrets and potential for businesses seeking a greener and more cost-efficient future. From LED bulb retrofits illuminating storefronts to LED tube retrofits brightening up vast warehouses, we will explore real-world scenarios and share how businesses across the globe have embraced this revolutionary transformation.

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What Is LED Retrofit?

At the highest level, LED retrofit refers to the process of upgrading existing lighting systems with energy-efficient LED technology. It involves replacing traditional lighting fixtures, bulbs, or tubes with LED equivalents, sometimes without the need for major infrastructure modifications. LED retrofitting allows businesses to leverage the benefits of LED lighting while utilizing their existing electrical infrastructure.

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At PEC, we stand as North America's leading innovators in energy optimization. Our dedication lies in reshaping your business through state-of-the-art LED lighting and energy efficiency systems. Our end-to-end solutions are designed to deliver unparalleled benefits:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Experience significant energy savings with our custom LED lighting solutions, helping you cut costs and lower your carbon footprint.

  • Cost Savings: Say goodbye to frequent replacements and high maintenance expenses. PEC's LED technology offers a longer lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Illuminate your workspace with superior lighting quality, improving employee productivity and providing a safer environment.

  • Smart Technology Integration: Unlock the potential of smart controls, EV charging, intelligent motors, and more. Our solutions give you the edge in efficiency and productivity.

Choose PEC to transform your business's lighting infrastructure and propel your organization towards a brighter, greener, and more efficient future. Let's transform your space together—because others change lightbulbs, but we transform businesses. Reach out to our experts and discover the possibilities today!

How Does LED Retrofit Work?

LED retrofitting involves the following steps:

Assessment (Energy Audit)

Evaluate the existing lighting system to identify suitable areas for retrofitting. Consider factors like energy usage, lighting requirements, and compatibility with LED technology.

Learn more about PEC’s free lighting audits here.

Selection (Material Sourcing)

Choosing the appropriate LED retrofit option based on the assessment, such as LED bulbs, tubes, fixtures, or retrofit kits, is a huge factor in how much long-term value you capture from your retrofit. And as the LED market becomes more and more saturated with no entrants, it is becoming increasingly more challenging for facility teams to identify high-quality fixtures that will meet their lighting standards, maximize efficiency, and stand the test of time. Working with a lighting professional like PEC will help you ensure the selected products meet quality standards and have the necessary certifications.


Don’t go it alone. Once your fixtures and materials have been sourced, work with a trusted contractor to carry out the installation of your retrofit. The installation may involve replacing bulbs, tubes, entire fixtures, and even a complete re-grid of your fixture placements, depending on the retrofit option chosen.

Wiring And Controls

Ensure the electrical wiring is compatible with LED technology. Install any necessary LED drivers or ballasts to provide the correct voltage and current. Incorporate lighting controls, such as dimmers or sensors, for added functionality.

Testing And Adjustment

Test the newly retrofitted LED lighting system to ensure proper functionality, including light output, color temperature, and dimming performance. Make any necessary adjustments or replacements if issues arise.

Maintenance And Monitoring

Regularly inspect and maintain the retrofitted LED lighting system to ensure optimal performance. Monitor energy usage and lighting quality to address any issues promptly and maximize efficiency.

What Are The Benefits Of LED Retrofit?

LED retrofitting offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Energy Savings – LED lights are highly energy-efficient and can reduce energy consumption by up to 70% compared to traditional lighting, resulting in significant savings on utility bills.

  • Long Lifespan – LED lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting options, reducing the frequency of replacements and associated maintenance costs.

  • Improved Lighting Quality – LED lights provide better color rendering, higher brightness levels, and customizable lighting options. They enhance visibility, productivity, and the overall ambiance of commercial, industrial, and retail spaces.

  • Environmental Friendliness – LED lights are free from hazardous substances like mercury, making them safer for the environment. Additionally, their energy efficiency helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to sustainability.

  • Reduced Heat Emission – LED lights emit less heat than traditional lighting, resulting in a cooler working environment and reducing the load on cooling systems.

  • Instant On/Off – LED lights provide instant illumination without warm-up or cool-down periods, ensuring immediate lighting when needed.

  • Improved Control – Modern LED technology has an improved ability to be incorporated into networked control systems – allowing businesses to maximize their lighting performance through automated dimming and brightening protocols. 

Types Of LED Retrofit

LED retrofit options vary depending on the specific requirements of your business. Here are some common types of LED retrofit solutions:

LED Bulb Retrofits

This involves replacing traditional incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs that can fit into existing fixtures.

LED Tube Retrofits

This option replaces fluorescent tubes with LED tubes, offering improved energy efficiency and lifespan.

LED Fixture Retrofits

In this approach, entire lighting fixtures are replaced with LED fixtures, providing enhanced lighting quality and energy savings.

LED Retrofit Kits

Retrofit kits consist of components like LED modules, drivers, and brackets that can be installed into existing fixtures to convert them into LED fixtures.

Be Cautious with any Retrofit!

Retrofitting your existing system without fully understanding the capabilities of your new fixtures can result in failures and severe safety hazards. Take a look at this real story of a PEC customer who attempted to retrofit to 6 Lamp T5 fixtures with TLED, which resulted in a fire at their facility due to the new fixtures melting.

LED Retrofitting And Workplace Safety

Ensuring workplace safety is a top priority for businesses, and LED retrofitting plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Here's how LED retrofitting enhances workplace safety:

  • Improved Illumination: LED lights provide superior illumination quality, enhancing visibility in workspaces. This helps reduce the risk of accidents and improves overall safety for employees and customers.1

  • Flicker-Free Lighting: Unlike some traditional lighting technologies, LED lights are flicker-free, reducing eye strain and potential health issues related to poor lighting conditions.2

  • Enhanced Outdoor Security Lighting: In outdoor workspaces, LED retrofitting can significantly improve security lighting, deterring potential intruders and providing a safer environment for employees during nighttime operations.3

  • Occupancy Sensors Compatibility: LED retrofit solutions are compatible with occupancy sensors, enabling smart lighting control. These sensors automatically turn lights on or off based on occupancy, saving energy and enhancing security.

LED Retrofitting In Outdoor Spaces

LED retrofitting is not limited to indoor applications. It is equally effective and beneficial for outdoor spaces. Here's why LED retrofitting is an excellent choice for outdoor lighting:

  • Energy Efficiency For Large Areas: Outdoor spaces like parking lots, warehouses, and stadiums often require extensive lighting. LED retrofitting provides energy-efficient lighting solutions for large areas, reducing electricity consumption and operational costs.

  • Enhanced Visibility And Safety: Well-lit outdoor spaces are essential for safety and security. LED retrofitting improves visibility during nighttime activities, minimizing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety.

  • Resilience To Harsh Weather Conditions: LED lights are durable and perform well in various weather conditions, making them reliable choices for outdoor applications.

  • Directional Lighting: LED retrofit solutions can be designed to provide directional lighting, focusing light precisely where it's needed and reducing light pollution.

How Much Does It Cost To Retrofit A Light?

LED retrofitting costs differ based on factors like fixture type, quantity, installation complexity, and chosen solutions. Obtain accurate pricing by seeking quotes from trusted suppliers and contractors.

PEC specializes in developing and deploying custom commercial, industrial, and retail lighting solutions that are designed to maximize energy efficiency and performance for businesses. Unlock the power of energy optimization with a free energy audit from PEC. Let us light up your business for success. Connect with us today!

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What Are The Alternatives To LED Retrofit?

While LED retrofitting is a popular and effective option, there are alternative approaches to consider:

New Fixture Installation

Instead of retrofitting existing fixtures, businesses can opt for complete fixture replacements with LED fixtures. This provides the opportunity to optimize the design, functionality, and energy efficiency of the lighting system.

Retrofitting With Other Energy-Efficient Technologies

Considering unique requirements, businesses might consider alternatives like CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) or induction lighting as alternatives to LED retrofitting. However, it's vital to weigh each technology's pros and cons in terms of energy savings, lifespan, and lighting quality.

Factors To Consider Before Retrofitting

Before proceeding with LED retrofitting, it's essential to consider the following factors:

Lighting Requirements

Determine the specific lighting needs of your business space, such as brightness levels, color temperature, and beam angles, to ensure the retrofit solution meets your requirements.


Check the compatibility of existing fixtures with LED retrofit solutions. Ensure the retrofit option fits properly and is compatible with the existing electrical infrastructure.

Final Thoughts 

LED retrofitting provides a robust and eco-friendly answer for businesses aiming at energy optimization and better lighting. With an upgrade to energy-efficient LED tech in your current lighting setup, you can reap rewards like less energy use, reduced upkeep expenses, improved workplace safety, and a positive environmental influence.

As North America's most innovative energy optimization company, PEC is committed to designing, developing, and deploying custom LED lighting and energy efficiency systems tailored to meet your specific needs. Our solutions are designed to reduce energy consumption, save money, and address a wide range of performance challenges.

Embark on a brighter, greener future by delving into our all-encompassing LED retrofit options. Contact our expert team today to unearth how our personalized solutions can transform your lighting setup, driving your business toward enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will LED retrofitting require rewiring my space?

In most cases, LED retrofitting can be done without extensive rewiring. Retrofit kits and compatible LED fixtures are designed to fit into existing wiring infrastructure, making the installation process simpler.

Are there any government incentives for LED retrofitting?

Many governments and utility companies offer incentives, rebates, or tax credits to encourage businesses to adopt energy-efficient lighting solutions like LED retrofitting. Check with your local authorities or energy providers for any available programs.

Can I install LED retrofit solutions myself, or do I need professional assistance?

While some LED retrofit installations can be done by individuals with electrical knowledge, it's recommended to hire a licensed electrician or professional lighting contractor for large-scale projects. They have the expertise to ensure proper installation and compliance with safety regulations.

Can I dim LED retrofit lights?

Yes, many LED retrofit solutions are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the light output according to your needs. However, it's essential to choose compatible dimmer switches and LED products for successful dimming functionality.

Can LED retrofitting enhance workplace safety?

Absolutely! LED lighting provides better illumination, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting a safer working environment. LED lights also generate less heat, minimizing the potential for burns and fire hazards.

How long do retrofit lights last?

LED retrofit lights boast a lifespan of around 25,000 to 50,000+ hours. Unlike traditional options like incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes, they endure much longer, cutting down replacements and upkeep.

What is the difference between replacement and retrofitting?

When you opt for a replacement approach, the existing lighting fixture is entirely swapped out for a new LED one, often requiring rewiring and electrical adjustments. On the other hand, LED retrofitting upgrades the current lighting system with LED tech, keeping the original fixture intact. This method necessitates compatible LED elements, like bulbs, tubes, or retrofit kits, to replace conventional lighting components.

Do LED lights need a ballast?

Usually, LED lights don't need a ballast. Ballasts are typical in traditional lighting like fluorescent lamps to control electric current. Yet, LED lights use direct current (DC) and need a consistent power source. In certain retrofit cases, ballasts might have to be bypassed or taken out for smooth compatibility with LED technology.

Do I need a ground wire for an LED retrofit?

Absolutely, having a ground wire is vital for LED retrofit setups to ensure electrical safety. Grounding offers an extra route for electrical currents during faults, safeguarding against shocks and fire risks. Remember to follow local electrical codes and rules closely when carrying out LED retrofit projects.

Is retrofitting worth it?

Absolutely! Opting for LED retrofitting is a valuable choice for businesses aiming at energy efficiency and enhanced lighting quality. The advantages, like energy savings, extended lifespan, lowered maintenance, improved workplace safety, and eco-friendliness, outweigh the initial investment. Moreover, LED retrofitting aligns with sustainability objectives, making it a wise decision for businesses looking to decrease their carbon footprint and achieve long-term operational cost savings.


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