New Energy Savings Calculator: See potential energy savings from an LED upgrade

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new online Energy Savings Calculator! This tool is intended to help C&I facility management, leadership, and finance teams quickly see an estimate of how they could potentially save on energy spending with an LED lighting upgrade.

Get started using the link below to see how you could save.

About the Calculator

How much is it costing you to power an outdated, energy-hungry lighting system?

After completely 8,000+ LED retrofits for C&I facilities, the PEC team has gathered extensive power-consumption data across a comprehensive list of fixture technologies. We’ve taken this data and created a tool will allow you to take the key inputs from your existing lighting system to project how you could potentially save on an LED upgrade.

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Looking for a precise savings estimate? Book an energy audit with PEC

No calculator alone can determine the impact of a custom-designed LED lighting retrofit. That’s why the first step in each project PEC takes on begins with an on-site complimentary energy audit of the existing lighting system.

During the audit, we will walk the facility with you to understand how the space is used, while documenting the current light levels (foot candles), fixture counts, and existing technology to establish a baseline. We will then recreate your facility in a digitally-rendered space to design a system that’s truly optimized for both your energy efficiency and operational needs.

Learn more and request an audit for your facility using the link below!

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