How do you make your workplace social distance friendly?

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As companies are developing their “return to work policies” in a COVID-19 world we find ourselves asking, “how can we make workplaces safer for everyone?”. LED lighting IoT sensors have the data for the job!

IoT enabled sensors and networked lighting systems have been touted for providing smarter, safer, more sustainable buildings and cities. But, their use-case is proving to go beyond what we imagined in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the latest “last word” article by LED magazines’ Mark Milligan he discusses how smart sensors are providing the analytics and information to make buildings more socially-distanced capable. These IoT connected sensors are providing data that show common areas where populations congregate, where bottlenecking occurs, and common traffic patterns even recording time of time-of-day.

Not to mention that”touchless” occupant sensors help prevent the spread of germs by reducing shared surface contact points.

This information is helping building managers and HR make crucial organizational health and safety decisions based on data rather than assumptions.

How is the data being used?

These systems provide visibility into where (and when) staff are moving around the office or plant floor and the information is being used to reroute traffic by knowing where to shift and place office furniture or facility equipment, schedule more frequent cleanings in heavily occupied areas, and identifying areas where one-way rules can be applied for example.

In addition to occupancy sensing these networked control systems can offer valuable environmental monitoring. They offer information on temperature, air quality, and humidity and can integrate with software-driven HVAC motor systems to provide truly “smart” building management that ensures optimal environments for staff and customers.

Now more than ever, facilities taking advantage of these technological capabilities are positioning themselves to benefit from the productivity gains and competitive advantages data-driven facility and building management can provide. Give us a call to learn more.

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