HVAC Motors

“The LED of Motors”- this revolutionary smart motor solution will drastically improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, providing a healthier environment for your people while controlling operating expenses.

Why Upgrade your Motors?

Software-driven, switch reluctance smart motors are revolutionizing HVAC systems. By combining optimal efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, these Smart Motor Systems can significantly reduce energy consumption and demand of HVAC, refrigeration, and pumping where induction motors are in use.

In 2009 we began our quest to disrupt the traditional energy-efficiency model on a mission to impact business objectives beyond energy savings. We disrupted the lighting industry with our expertise in developing, designing, and deploying future-proofed energy-saving systems. We’re now adding to our innovative offerings with the smart motor system that’s revolutionizing electric motors. Bringing you “The LED of motors.”


By installing an IoT smart motor system, you can optimize HVAC motor performance, send maintenance notifications, and schedule run times to maximize energy savings.

  • Optimized performance means a reduction in energy consumption.
  • Avoid failures and emergency service calls by monitoring units and staying on top of key performance metrics.

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Better air quality - Lower Costs

Your HVAC system is only as efficient as the motor that drives it. Peak performance is often locked out by 100-year-old AC induction technology and complex motor design. By replacing your HVAC motor with an IOT capable smart motor, you optimize HVAC motor performance while complying with the required number of air exchanges for your facility.

Avoid Failures

Built-in monitoring and controls enable Fault detection diagnostics (FDD). Avoid failures and emergency service calls by monitoring units and staying on top of KPIs.

Cycling down

Cycling down to vent mode when not calling for heat/cool optimizes the performance of your HVAC system.

Automated scheduling

Automated scheduling allows you to set your HVAC run time to store hours enabling energy savings without sacrificing comfort or safety.

Lithia Case Study

Read the Lithia Case Study

With almost 200 locations nationwide, a high percentage of Lithia’s stores lacked an effective EMS (energy management system) to control their HVAC. This lack of management capability meant Lithia had many units under performing, over working, and wasting energy.

Reduce electric bill

50-75% electrical cost reduction associated with running HVAC systems.

Reduce transmission of airborne pathogens

Run (efficiently) in “ON” mode to help diminish the concentration of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and minimize the spread of disease. [Source: ASHRAE}

Control operating costs

Built-in control systems are capable of monitoring predictive and preventative maintenance metrics to reduce maintenance costs reducing operating costs on top of energy savings.


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