Lighting Control Systems

Most buildings today are over-lit or lit even when unoccupied. This wastes energy and creates uncomfortable work environments that are expensive to run. PEC provides intelligent control systems that optimize every space around the clock.

Smarten your spaces

Centralized control

We provide intelligent systems that enable you to easily control, monitor, and configure light levels from an app.


Lighting needs change throughout the day. We make it easy to increase lighting during peak hours or reduce lights when spaces are unoccupied.

Automated sensing

PEC can implement lighting control systems that intelligently sense activity in the environment and set the appropriate light intensity, color and brightness.

What are Lighting Control Systems?

Lighting controls, or “smart lighting,” are intelligent networks that communicate between all lighting in a system. Lighting control systems allow facilities to automate, monitor, adjust, and optimize light levels at each individual fixture quickly and easily at all times.

Advanced networked controls

Advanced networked control systems and luminaire level lighting controls (LLLC) are a powerful way to manage your facility.
They enable intelligent LED light fixtures to be controlled individually or within zoned groups of fixtures through a wireless mesh network. This further increases your energy savings and preserves the life-time value of your equipment.

Why use lighting controls?

Installing lighting control systems allows you to program your lighting to automatically adjust based on parameters such as time of day and occupancy. Setting different parts of your facility to pre-set timers or enabling adjustments manually from a single location significantly improves system efficiency and provides insightful data.


Installing a lighting control system in your facility helps you save money, benefit from better lighting, and manage your facility more easily all at once. We’ll program your lighting control system to adjust when and where you need. You’ll always have the lighting you need and you’ll never have to pay for lighting you don’t.

Energy auditor standing in warehouse with clipboard

Implementing lighting control systems

Our experienced project managers implement lighting control systems as a part of your facility’s custom lighting design. During our audit and assessment process, we’ll work with you to determine what to build into your lighting control system based on your energy savings goals and lighting needs. When we’re finished, you’ll have a truly optimized lighting system and the data to implement increases in operational efficiencies across your facility.


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