Industrial Lighting

Most industrial environments are known for being dirty, dank and dangerous. At PEC, we specialize in creating safe, productive, well-lit environments that drive productivity.


Poorly lit warehouses are an invitation to accidents and other safety-related issues. Out-dated fluorescent and incandescent fixtures eat up energy and require costly maintenance.


PEC analyzes every inch of your warehouse and develops a lighting solution that improves productivity and prevents accidents. Our engineers will develop a customized lighting and control solution to achieve optimal light levels for every workspace while maximizing energy savings.

  • Reduce monthly energy expense.
  • Increase worker productivity.
  • Support workplace safety goals.
  • Maximize state and local energy incentives.
  • Promote positive employee morale.

Why Does My Industrial Business Need an LED Lighting Upgrade?

Lighting is one of your most underappreciated tools. You use your lights to effectively use all the other tools that are the backbone of your business.

Any business can save on operational overhead by just turning off their lights, but ensuring that your lighting solution is effective is necessary for running any successful industrial business. Unlike many commercial spaces, industrial businesses often have several unique lighting requirements. Your lighting system has to:

Run efficient

Industrial facilities use a lot of electrical power to keep their lights on. Inefficient lighting can get seriously expensive -and cut into your bottom-line!

Save money

Industrial facilities need their lighting to be as reliable and durable as possible, and in some cases run 24/7. The more frequently you have to repair your lighting, the more expensive it becomes.

Work happy

 Industrial lighting must meet strict safety codes, or your business risks fines and work accidents become far more likely. Improving the quality of your workplace’s lighting also maximizes productivity.

Help the planet

Industrial businesses use a lot of lighting, which means they consume a lot of energy, too. Properly implemented LED lighting upgrades use up to 75% less energy than traditional systems. Your industrial business won’t just run more efficiently; it’ll run more responsibly.

The right industrial lighting system addresses each of these concerns for your particular business. To maximize your lighting’s safety, productivity, energy-efficiency, and durability, you need an expertly-developed, customized design and implementation plan. That’s exactly what you get with PEC.

How Could an LED Retrofit Help My Industrial Business?

No two industrial facilities are the same. Our LED lighting upgrades are tailored to each unique client. Industrial facilities’ environmental requirements vary drastically from business to business. Over the years, we’ve found that industrial clients have some of the most unique environmental challenges.

A few of the harsh industrial conditions we’ve provided lighting solutions for in the past include:

  • High ambient temperatures
  • Hazardous chemical exposure
  • Saltwater exposure risk
  • Corrosive substance exposure
  • Extreme dust
  • 24/7 operations

When you work with PEC, our lighting consultants will visit your site to assess your existing lighting infrastructure, discuss your unique lighting challenges and develop light-level and control system standards that work for you. You define success, and we’ll determine how to achieve it.

After getting to know your business, our experts design a lighting concept customized to solve your specific challenges. This solution achieves optimal lighting levels, maximizes energy savings, and helps you reach your operational performance goals.

Once you’ve approved the lighting design, our project management team handles the implementation for you. We’re adept at managing projects end-to-end. No matter how big or complex your industrial business, we’ll find the best lighting upgrade and make it happen. When you come to PEC, you start with a problem and end up with a solution. Our lighting has a real impact your business KPIs, well beyond energy savings and ROI.

How Do LED Lighting Upgrades Work?

PEC never designs the same lighting concept twice, but we always follow the same process for designing and implementing our concepts. Our team will walk you through our approach step by step:

Energy Assessment

Defining your lighting success.
First, our experts meet you on-site to assess your unique lighting needs. We’ll discuss the size of your industrial business and how you’re using the space. Then, we’ll review your existing lighting technologies, and–most importantly–establish clear directives for how we can add value to your building through our lighting.

Energy Audit

Figuring out what it takes to achieve your lighting success.
After we’ve assessed your current energy usage and requirements, our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your business. We’ll compile existing infrastructure data, measure building dimensions, and perform a complete onsite level analysis.

Lighting Design and Control Services

Designing the plan to achieve your lighting success.
When we’ve determined what we need to do to accomplish your goals, we begin designing the plan. We use 3D design software to visualize what your workspace will look like with the latest and greatest lighting technology. After we’ve developed our 3D plan, we’ll let you “try before you buy” by showing you how the plan will look when fully complete.

Incentive Management

Helping your plan pay for itself.
Energy incentives are local and nation-wide initiatives to give businesses like your industrial facility tax breaks and other savings for aligning their lighting plans with certain environmental energy protocols. PEC will guide you through the process of applying for as many energy incentives as possible, handling all the paperwork and ensuring you benefit from as many incentive programs as possible.

Project Management

Making your plan for lighting success a reality.
At this point in the process, you will be assigned a designated Project Manager (PM). Your PM will be your main point of contact throughout the rest of the project. They’ll keep you informed about what to expect, schedule contractors, arrange for material delivery and installation, and make sure the implementation of your energy plan goes off without a hitch. Transparency and communication are very important to PEC, so you can always ask your PM any questions you have about our process.

Installation and Completion

Achieving lighting success on your terms.
After we’re finished installing your lighting plan, your PM will perform an onsite 100% re-audit to confirm all aspects of the project were installed corrected. If everything meets both your standards and ours, we’ll schedule a tour with an incentive inspector and send you any required paperwork to sign off on your completed LED upgrade.

How Will the PEC Process Impact My Industrial Business?

Implementing a retrofit lighting upgrade seriously improves workplace safety, energy efficiency, and bottom lines. Here’s how PEC can (and has!) solved industrial businesses’ specific concerns:

Run Efficient

LED lighting lasts longer, runs more efficiently, and requires less maintenance than traditional lighting systems. Your industrial business will spend less on operating costs, which will substantially impact your bottom line.

Save money

A PEC lighting concept maximizes utility incentives and are designed to run far more efficiently than other systems, significantly reducing monthly energy expenses.

Work happy

By standardizing lighting throughout your facility and maximizing visibility, Our LED solutions dramatically improve visibility, worker safety, and morale. 

Help the planet

When implemented correctly LED systems waste far less power than traditional lighting. Your industrial business will consume less energy and become greener as a result. Making your business more eco-friendly.

Our mission is impact. We live and breathe lighting solutions that impact more than just the bottom line. We’re an energy-efficiency partner which means that your business objectives are always at the forefront of our solutions. 


See what we can do for your business.