Industrial lighting

We understand the complex challenges in industrial facilities

Outdated, insufficient unoptimized lighting can hinder the performance of an industrial environment. These are environments that must run effectively, efficiently and for long periods. Energy hungry and expensive legacy systems can cost you productivity, increase the likelihood of accidents, and drastically increase the need for disruptive and expensive maintenance. PEC has worked extensively in the industrial industry to solve all of these problems and more.


Industrial spaces can often be dark, difficult and energy intensive. Outdated lighting systems often impact productivity, increase waste and impact safety. Furthermore,  maintenance can also be disruptive and frequent. Finding improvements that address all of these issues is a challenge.


PEC creates custom solutions that significantly impact your facility. Our lighting solutions not only improve light levels and reduce energy consumption, but they can improve, safety, productivity and reduce waste. In a fast paced and competitive industry, these benefits can give you the edge you need.


When we design a customized lighting solution for am industrial customer in addition to reducing energy waste and inefficiency, and reducing overall power cost overheads we focus on improving the work experience for employees by creating environments that are good for morale and safety.

Optimum light levels in your facility

Reduced energy bills

Support workplace safety goals

Increase productivity

Maximize state & local energy incentives

Improve employee mood & morale

Reduce waste

Meet sustainability goals

Proven, tested and known

We have a long history in the industrial sector and have solved some of the most challenging and complex and problems in the industry.  Our end to end process will take care of you at every step of the way and will leave you with a solution that will measurably improve your business.

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