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We understand the complex challenges in industrial facilities

Outdated, insufficient unoptimized lighting can hinder the performance of an industrial environment. These are environments that must run effectively, efficiently and for long periods. Energy hungry and expensive legacy systems can cost you productivity, increase the likelihood of accidents, and drastically increase the need for disruptive and expensive maintenance. PEC has worked extensively in the industrial industry to solve all of these problems and more.


Industrial spaces can often be dark, difficult and energy intensive. Outdated lighting systems often impact productivity, increase waste and impact safety. Furthermore,  maintenance can also be disruptive and frequent. Finding improvements that address all of these issues is a challenge.


PEC creates custom solutions that significantly impact your facility. Our lighting solutions not only improve light levels and reduce energy consumption, but they can improve, safety, productivity and reduce waste. In a fast paced and competitive industry, these benefits can give you the edge you need.


When we design a customized lighting solution for am industrial customer in addition to reducing energy waste and inefficiency, and reducing overall power cost overheads we focus on improving the work experience for employees by creating environments that are good for morale and safety.

Optimum light levels in your facility

Reduced energy bills

Support workplace safety goals

Increase productivity

Maximize state & local energy incentives

Improve employee mood & morale

Reduce waste

Meet sustainability goals

Proven, tested and known

We have a long history in the industrial sector and have solved some of the most challenging and complex and problems in the industry.  Our end to end process will take care of you at every step of the way and will leave you with a solution that will measurably improve your business.

West Fraser LED Lighting Retrofit
West Fraser

56% Energy reduction & vastly improved lighting

See the difference for West Fraser with vastly improved light levels and huge efficiency gains.

Vigor Industrial LED Lighting Retrofit Project
Vigor Industrial

165% Light level increase with large efficiency gains

One of the largest projects in the history of the Energy Trust of Oregon. See the outstanding savings and incentives we were able to leverage for VIGOR.


Improved Lighting & Significant Savings for Weyerhaeuser

See the impact we created for this large and dynamic manufacturer

PEC helped us to effectively address all of our goals, and the project has continued to leave a lasting impact. Safety has significantly improved for the 1,800 employees who help drive our year-round, nighttime operation. Our previous lighting maintenance costs were over $80,000 – and now, our expenses don’t even come close.

-Facilities Manager, Vigor Industrial

Industrial pain points

Over the years, we’ve found that industrial clients have some of the most unique environmental challenges. Because these spaces are so energy intensive and demanding lighting systems have to designed to last and to 


Industrial facilities use a lot of electrical power to keep their lights on and will often run for long periods of time. Inefficient lighting can get seriously expensive -and cut into your bottom-line!


Industrial facilities need their lighting to be as reliable and durable as possible, and in some cases run 24/7. The more frequently you have to repair your lighting, the more expensive it becomes.


Industrial lighting must meet strict safety codes, or your business risks fines and work accidents become far more likely. improved light levels have been demonstrated to reduce accidents by as much as 50%.


Intensive energy use means poor sustainability scores. With environmental scrutiny from both government and the public becoming ever more intense, it’s never been a better time to take lead in setting and meeting sustainability goals.

Our impact

Believe it or not, an LED retrofit lighting solution can tackle each of these challenges at once. LED lighting upgrades can use up to 75% less energy and last 10 to 50 times longer. These systems can be customized to suite your operations utilizing technology such as daylight harvesting, task tuning and zone management.

Run Efficient

Our lighting solutions last longer, reduce energy waste, and utilize automatic control systems that conserve power. LED lighting makes your business far more energy-efficient.

Save Money

LED lighting consumes far less power than their traditional counterparts. Switching to LED lighting can substantially lower your power bill. PEC’s lighting installations also last longer and require less maintenance.

Work Happy

Our solutions have improved the mood and morale of our customers employees and improved safety. These are benefits which are truly priceless.

Protect the Planet

Our solutions will consume less power and impact your sustainability metrics. We have help thousands of businesses meet or develop sustainbility goals.

Not all LED solutions are the same

There are huge variances in both LED fixtures and implementation. Lower quality fixtures and unplanned, or poorly implemented systems will not produce adequate results.

Unlike some companies we are manufacturer agnostic. This frees us to focus on one thing and one thing only — what’s right for your project and ultimately your business. We start at the solution and only select high performance products that augment that solution with zero compromises. 

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