Lighting design

No two spaces are the same. That’s why we custom design a lighting solution to fit your exact requirements.

Our process

We transform spaces and improve morale by giving employees exactly the right light for the task at hand.

3D modeling

We leverage cutting-edge design software so you can visualize your project and fully understand its impact.


We use photometric analysis to create the exact right light for every space, accounting for brightness, color, intensity, glare and evenness.

Energy optimization

Through each project, we are driven to maximize energy efficiency and reduce financial costs, while enabling your people to thrive.

What is lighting design?

After a thorough energy audit of your business, we’ll have a dialed-in understanding of your unique lighting and energy needs. This information will help our experts design a customized lighting design solution to solve your businesses’ specific lighting and energy challenges.

Our lighting solutions are always customized – because the greatest value is extracted from systems that are tailored to your business and future.

Lighting blueprints

What is a “customized” lighting design?

Our emphasis on customization and design is a huge reason why some of the biggest brands in automotive, manufacturing, and retail industries chose to work with us. We base our customized lighting system designs around businesses’ unique challenges, considerations, and goals, presenting you with the most appropriate lighting system and implementation plan for your specific needs.


Our upgrades always increase energy efficiency and make an impact on your bottom-line a given, but customization allows us to help your space harness several non-energy benefits, as well. Our designs don’t just upgrade inefficient lighting; they transform your whole workplace. We look for ways to improve, future-proof, correct light levels and optics, ensure cost-efficiency, and meet or exceed IES standards and code compliance safety standards all at once.

PEC engineers working on a lighting design

How does PEC’s lighting design process work?

Our experts use 3D design software to create a complete digital model of your workspace. We use this mock-up to test and visualize fixtures, light-levels and optics so we know exactly what your workplace will look like with the upgraded design plan. We incorporate the data we gathered from our energy audit into this model in order to construct photometric and energy consumption analyses.


We’ll even show you your workplace before and after our design solution so you can “try before you buy.” We’re able to account for brightness, uniformity, reflectancies, and energy consumption so you’ll see how your lighting design will improve your workspace before installation begins.


Request an energy assessment

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