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LED Lighting Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Pacific Energy Concepts (PEC) has worked extensively with C&I facilities throughout the state of New Jersey to implement scalable and optimized LED lighting retrofit solutions. Our team of lighting design and implementation experts specialize in providing customized, turnkey retrofits that help capture significant gains in energy efficiency, reduce energy and spend, and improve overall lighting quality — resulting in a safter, more productive, and more profitable work environment.

As one of North America’s most experienced and trusted energy-efficiency providers, we have an unmatched track record, capturing huge efficiency gains through LED retrofits for manufacturing plants, warehouse and industrial facilities, big box retails, and more.

We’ve completed 8000+ projects in all 50 US states and across Canada since founding 13 years ago. These projects have equated to over 3 Billion kWhs (kilowatt hours) displaced and over $300 Million saved in energy spend.

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IKEA LED Retrofit Before ImageIKEA LED Retrofit After Image

IKEA reduces energy use by 68% working with PEC

6 projects across New Jersey: Elizabeth, Paramus, and Westampton

IKEA first worked with PEC to help reach their target of becoming 20% more energy efficient in their operations by 2020.

With now over 74 projects completed across 19 states, PEC’s high-performing and scalable LED retrofits have put IKEA on a path to continue hitting their efficiency goals now and in the future.

See the huge impact from energy efficient LED:

  • 68% reduction in energy use
  • 32,918,750 kWh of energy saved annually (equivalent to 25,716 tons of CO2)
  • $4,060,879 saved annually in energy spend
  • Additional $38,584 saved annually in maintenance costs
  • $755,676 captured in project incentives through their utility provider

The Impact of LED on Your Business

Run Efficent

Our LED lighting retrofits both perform better and reduce energy consumption. By implementing optimum light levels we can create energy-efficient and productive workplaces that reduce material waste.

Save Money

Reduced energy consumption not only means reduced energy bills but your retrofitted system will eliminate costly maintenance. Our solutions are engineered to last longer too and with an in-house incentives team we’ll secure the highest possible incentives for your project.

Work Happy

PEC’s lighting solutions provide benefits far beyond energy savings. With the right levels our customers have seen improved  morale, increased safety, and measured productivity increases.

Protect the Planet

An LED retrofit can significantly reduce your environmental impact. Our lighting projects offer an immediate pathway to sustainability and help you meet your sustainability goals

Our Step-by-Step Process

Energy Assessment - LED Lighting Retrofit

1. Energy Assessment

Every project begins with a complete assessment of your unique lighting needs and objectives. We discuss how you’re currently using your space, review existing technologies, and establish clear directives for how to add value to your building.  

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Our Process - Energy Audit

2. Energy Audit

We’ll perform a free, comprehensive on-site assessment of your current light system — measuring precise level–light-levels, foot candles, fixture counts, and establish a baseline. From this we’ll understand exactly how to provide the lighting system you need to will develop a selection of options for review.

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Lighting photometric design - LED Retrofit

3. Lighting Design & Control Services

We use 3D design software visualize the latest in lighting technology in your space. The result? A customized 3D model of your site incorporating our solutions — including projected light levels and photometrics. By comparing your existing system to our proposal, you’re able to “try before you buy” and witness the impact on your facility.

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Project Management Timeline - LED Lighting Retrofit

4. End-to-End Project Management

You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager to ensure a smooth and successful install. Your PM will oversee your entire project — sourcing materials, hiring a vetted electrical contractor, maintaining the installation schedule, and providing post-project support.


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LED Retrofit - Canron Before and After

5. Post-Installation Support

Our team will be there for you every step of the way, and we won’t leave you hanging if any issues occur following your installation. We will also coordinate the post-project inspection, and handle any potential warranty claims that come up down the road.

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Experts in New Jersey Energy Incentives

Your utility incentive should feel like a discount, not a project of its own

In an effort to drive adoption of energy efficient technologies and help the state reach its emission goals, New Jersey power companies offer C&I businesses rebates that could help fund your next LED retrofit (often covering significant portion!). 

Our team of in-house incentive experts will handle the process of gathering the max funding available in efficiency incentives, helping you save potentially thousands on your next project, without the time and hassle.

Our team has experience working with PSE&G, Jersey Central Power & Light, Atlantic City Electric, Rockland Electric & more!

Energy Incentive Specialists
Jake Gilan - Lighting Project Manager

When auditing a project, the PEC Project Management Team measures past & present energy levels, confirms foot candles, fixture counts, mounting types, powering, and controls to ensure that the tailored lighting solution we propose improves the aesthetics, efficiency, and safety standards of your business

– Jake Gillan, Project Manager, PEC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LED Retrofit?

An LED retrofit is a replacement of existing inefficient lighting fixtures with energy efficient LED (with or without control systems).

While seemingly straight forward at its core, a one-for-one bulb swap will not maximize efficiency and can even cause some major headaches if done improperly. 

That’s why it’s critical to work with an experience LED retrofit contractor like PEC, where we will design a system leveraging the best fixtures, optics, sensors and control systems to help our clients access the maximum amount of efficiency while also making huge improvements to the overall lighting quality in their facilities. Learn more on this page about our LED retrofit services.

What is a commercial lighting audit?

To complete a thorough audit of your space, a PEC Sales Engineer will perform an on-site evaluation of your facility and work with you to determine:

  • The total number of fixtures and fixture types, their locations, heights, and how they are controlled.
  • Ceiling structure and height.
  • The building’s usages and existing light levels (measured by foot candles).
  • Areas of importance to your business in order to design optimal lighting specific to your needs.

In addition to assessing your current lighting system, we will also evaluate the environmental conditions of your space like airflow, dust, moisture levels, temperature, chemicals, and indoor/outdoor spaces to help us design an efficiency solution for your unique needs.

How much does a lightng audit cost?

Energy audits are free when working with PEC! Please note that we do only audit commercial spaces — get started by filling out the form on this page to see if our auditing services make sense for your facility.

What are utility incentives?

Energy incentives are funds that utility providers across the US will allocate towards qualifying energy efficiency projects. As a ratepayer, your company is likely already paying into your utility’s energy efficiency program fund.

Navigating the world of incentives can be a complex, time consuming process. That’s why PEC has put together a team of in-house incentive experts to handle the process for our clients, helping you receive the max funding available towards your incentive project, while staying focused on your day-to-day duties.

Will PEC handle my lighting installation?

You bet. When you work with PEC, we will handle the entire LED retrofit process from end to end.

Here’s how the process flows step by step:

  1. Energy Assessment: Begin with an energy assessment to learn your project goals, facility layout, current challenges and pain points.
  2. Energy Audit: We’ll complete a thorough, on-site audit of your current lighting system, where we’ll measure light levels (foot candles), fixture counts, and see how the space is used.
  3. Lighting Design: Modern software allows us to use photometrics and 3D Modeling to design a system optimized for your space.
  4. Incentive management: Your project may qualify for funding through your utility provider’s incentive program. Our team of in experts will handle this entire process for you.
  5. Project Management: Once we’ve nailed down a new system design that you’re happy with, a Project Manager will be dedicated to overseeing your entire project. They will keep you informed about what to expect, schedule contractors and arrange for material delivery and installation.
  6. Installation and completion: Once the install is done, your PM will perform an onsite 100% re-audit to confirm the project was implemented correctly. If everything meets our standards, your PM will schedule a tour with an incentive inspector and we’ll send you any required paperwork to sign off on your completed LED upgrade.
Which New Jesey power companies offer energy incentives?

New Jersey power providers have some of the top incentive programs in the state, offering substantial rebates to help fund efficiency projects that qualify.

Some of the utilities PEC has extensive experience working with are:

  • PSE&G
  • Jersey Central Power & Light
  • Atlantic City Electric, and
  • Rockland Electric

Get to know our team of incentive specialists here to learn more!

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