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86% of businesses see reducing their environmental impact as a necessary step towards staying financially competitive.

In 2022, setting and meeting your sustainability goals is more important than ever.

2,242,641,933 kWhs of energy saved … 

That’s the equivalent of 1,756,650,311 pounds of coal burned! 

Modern LED solutions

Lighting accounts for almost 5% of global CO2 emissions and uses up to 40% of a facilities’ energy use. 

LEDs use about 80% less electricity than incandescent and around 25-35% less energy than fluorescents.

Couple high-quality LED with advanced controls and zone management systems (like this Alaska Airlines Hangar) and you’re on your way to net-zero.

Meet sustainability goals

Reduce energy consumption

Reduce monthly energy bills

Leverage advanced controls

Alaska Airlines has a bold sustainability goal, net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. For the fifth largest airline in America this is a heavy lift that requires a whole business approach and a whole lot of collaboration.  PEC designed and deployed solutions at 6 Alaska Airlines locations to reduce energy consumption and help them meet their goals. See our Alaska airlines sustainability video below which talks about our award winning project at SeaTac, WA.

How can we reduce our impact and do better for our people, our communities and all the people who count on us. Lighting retrofits and the work we did in this hangar show how we can save energy, save money and have that great employee experience.

Kirk Myers – Director of Sustainability, Alaska Airlines.

Energy reduced by


kWh saved to date


Savings to date


C02 removed to date

10,309 Tons

IKEA had a target to become 20% more energy efficient in their own operations by 2020. 

Partnering with PEC on 74 sites across 23 states accelerated these energy efficiency goals, reducing energy consumption from lighting by 56%. 

We were able to significantly improve lighting quality, reduce fixture counts by over 25,000 and save over $4M annually.

IKEA have even more ambitious sustainability goals for 2030 and PEC continues to partner with them to help make those goals a reality.

IKEA LED Retrofit - BeforeIKEA-TX-After.jpg

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Energy reduced by


Annual kWh savings


Annual savings


Annual C02 reduction

23,329 Tons

Our energy solution have saved over 117,685,864 kWh to date –  that’s 83,402 Tons of C02. To date we’ve successfully rolled out over 1001 projects across 600+ Costco locations and are still adding more which continue to push Costco’s energy savings efforts and meet their sustainability goals.

117,685,864 kWh

Energy savings to date


Tons of C02

– That’s equivalent to –


Gallons of gas


Pounds of coal


Barrels of oil

We are continually impressed by PEC’s ability to manage dozens of projects at once. It is not uncommon for us to roll out entire regions of stores throughout the U.S. and Canada simultaneously. PEC is with us every step of the way. With a developed national network of competent installers throughout North America, they are able to execute at a very high level. We have found Pacific Energy Concepts to be a professional and efficient. We know they will always do the right thing for the team members here at Costco Wholesale. We Will continue to partner with PEC for the foreseeable future as they help us to achieve our sustainability goals.

– Manager, Energy Systems Costco Wholesale

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