Warehouse & distribution lighting

Helping solve your warehouse performance challenges

Energy costs are a major operational factor for warehouse and distribution facilities and lighting can use more energy than cooling, ventilation and space heating combined. Beyond energy, the repercussions of inadequate lighting run deeper into your operational performance, critically impacting the productive health of your entire operation. Here productivity, safety and operational costs are negatively impacted by inefficient lighting systems.


Inefficient lighting systems negatively impact operational performance,  productivity and are expensive to run. Poorly lit warehouses are also an invitation to accidents and other safety-related issues. These out-dated fluorescent and incandescent fixtures eat up energy and require costly maintenance.


PEC analyzes every inch of your warehouse and develops a lighting solution that improves light levels, productivity prevents accidents. Our engineers will develop a customized lighting and control solution to achieve optimal light levels for every workspace while maximizing energy savings.


When we design a customized lighting solution for a warehouse or distribution client, in addition to reducing energy waste and inefficiency, and reducing overall power cost overheads we focus on improving the work experience for employees. With improved visibility customers are also able to fully utilize and take advantage of their spaces.

Optimum light levels in your warehouse

Reduce energy bills

Support workplace safety goals

Increase productivity

Maximize state & local energy incentives

Improve employee mood & morale

Maximize use of space in facility

Meet sustainability goals

Proven, tested and known

We’ve worked with some of the largest warehouse companies in the world and understand their challenges implicitly.