Commercial Lighting

Whether you’re lighting an office, hotel or hospital, PEC provides the lighting solutions you need to improve ambiance and productivity.


Dim or poorly-lit office spaces create a harsh environment for your workers and guests, negatively influencing experiences. In addition, outdated lighting can diminish building’s overall appearance — and by extension, productivity, safety, and employee morale.


Pacific Energy Concepts is equipped with innovative technology and a knack for what makes people happy. After consulting with your business, we’ll build a custom lighting design that meets the needs of your building and improves overall aesthetic — all while lowering your energy costs.

  • Reduce monthly energy expenses.
  • Improve worker productivity and morale.
  • Maximize workspace usage.
  • Maximize state and local energy incentives.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere.

Why Does My Commercial Business Need an LED Lighting Upgrade?

Inadequate lighting negatively impacts your commercial business in more ways than you’d imagine. Poorly-lit or dim commercial spaces have a psychological impact on customers and employees alike, leading to lower sales, visits, and productivity. Poor lighting such as that found in many commercial parking lots can prove a serious safety and security hazard.

We know that maintaining adequate commercial lighting can be a significant or even prohibitive expense. If your lighting is outdated, wastes too much power, or requires constant maintenance, it could become a major overhead expense. Long story short: any effective commercial lighting system needs to overcome a wide variety of challenges, including:

Run efficient

Commercial operations often have to keep their lights on constantly. If that lighting doesn’t run efficiently, it will waste a lot of power… and raise your bills substantially.

Save money

Most commercial operations can’t afford to waste money on inefficient lighting, and no commercial operation should have to. Inadequate lighting can quickly become an unnecessary threat to your company’s bottom line.

Work happy

Never underestimate the importance of a well-lit workplace. Company morale and productivity are dramatically affected by lighting. Properly lit workplaces help keep employees and customers happy.

Help the planet

The power you consume through your company’s lighting is often one of the most significant ways your business impacts the environment. If your commercial space has inefficient lighting your businesses environmental foot-print is unnecessarily high.

Simply put, installing the correct LED lighting solution can help your commercial business effectively overcome these challenges. LED lighting systems use up to 75% less energy and last 10 to 50 times longer than traditional lighting.

Buyer beware, not all LED upgrades are created equal. Upgrading to LED lighting is not as easy as replacing a few bulbs. To make the most of an LED retrofit, you should consult with the experts to design and implement your system correctly.

How Will an LED Retrofit Help My Commercial Business?

Retrofitting your commercial establishment with LED will have an immediate impact on workplace productivity, significantly cut down energy costs and improve workplace security.

In order to maximize the impact of your LED retrofit, however, we at PEC take our lighting solutions even further. Each of our projects is customized to the specific commercial environment we’re working with. Whether you manage an office, hotel, or transportation hub, we’ll design our solutions around exactly what you need your lighting to do to improve your business. When we customize a commercial lighting plan, we learn about your greater business objectives and design a lighting system that helps you meet these goals.

By listening to you and designing a lighting concept around your needs, PEC implements LED lighting solutions that will:

  • Improve the quality, brightness, and light-levels in your space
  • Reduce energy usage (kWh)
  • Reduce energy spend over time
  • Drastically reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Impact KPI improvements across critical business goals

When you choose us our lighting consultants visit your commercial establishment to develop a comprehensive understanding of your businesses’ unique concerns, goals, and needs. We’ll figure out how we can design an LED lighting concept that will overcome your businesses’ specific challenges and illuminate a pather to improving performance and efficiency.

Each of our solutions will achieve optimal lighting levels, maximize energy savings, help you qualify for utility incentives, and reach your optimal performance goals. PEC won’t just design your lighting solution, our team will also project manage the installation. From end-to-end we take the hassle out of your facility lighting upgrade by developing, designing and deploying the right solution.

How Does an LED Lighting Upgrade Work?

Every LED lighting solution we develop for commercial spaces is unique, but we follow the same proprietary process every time. When you contact PEC about your commercial facilities’ lighting challenges, our team will walk you through each of the following steps in our process so you know exactly what you can expect from us:

Energy Assessment

Determining lighting success on your terms.
First, our lighting engineers will visit your commercial facility to assess your current lighting needs, struggles, and overall business goals. We’ll start analyzing your energy use, efficiency, and current lighting effectiveness to discover how we could improve it. Most importantly, we’ll ask you how you would like us to have an impact on your business.

Energy Audit

Determining what it takes to achieve your lighting success.
After we’ve completed our initial assessment, our team will analyze your energy and lighting on a technical level. We’ll review infrastructure data, measure your building’s dimensions, review past power bills, and perform a complete onsite level analysis. We’ll use this data to create a lighting solution that has a real, measurable impact on your business.

Lighting Design and Control Services

Making the plan to achieve your lighting success.
After we’ve compiled the data we need, we start designing your unique lighting concept. Our experts use 3D design software to visualize what your commercial establishment will look like with the new design. You can “try before you buy” by seeing our 3D estimations before we install. We can show you photometrics, projected light levels, and even side-by-side comparisons, so you can see how our solution will impact your business first-hand.

Incentive Management

Securing the fastest rate of return.
Utility incentives are local and nation-wide awards and rebates meant to financially incentivize commercial businesses like yours into switching to more energy-efficient, green lighting. When you retrofit your business with LED lighting, you could be entitled to incentives. PEC’s team will design our solution to help you qualify for as many of these incentives as possible. We’ll also apply for them on your behalf to make sure you benefit from them.

Project Management

Making your lighting success a reality.
Once you’ve approved our plan, we’ll bring it to life. You’ll be assigned a Project Manager (PM) who will be in charge of implementation. They’ll schedule the work, arrange deliveries and installations, and make sure you know what’s happening every step of the way.

Installation and Completion

Achieving lighting success on your terms.
After we’ve finished installing your commercial LED lighting solution, your PM will perform a final onsite audit. This audit will confirm that your LED lighting system is working exactly as intended and having a real, measurable impact on your bottom line. If everything means your highest expectations, we’ll set up a meeting with an incentive inspector.

How Will the PEC Process Impact My Commercial Business?

PEC’s mission for all our lighting projects is impact. We want our lighting to make a real, measurable difference on not just your bottom line, but your entire business operation. The PEC process ensures we can really provide this impact by helping you overcome each of the challenges facing your commercial facilities’ lighting right now:

Run Efficient

PEC’s LED lighting solutions last longer, reduced energy waste, and utilize automatic control systems that conserve power. LED lighting makes your operation far more energy-efficient.

Save money

LED lighting consumes significantly less power than its traditional counterparts and it’s also less expensive to operate. PEC’s lighting systems also require less maintenance and last longer than conventional lighting.

Work happy

By designing lighting solutions for your particular commercial business, we ensure you get the most safety-conscious, productive, and effective lighting possible.

Help the planet

The fact that LED lights waste less power and run more efficiently than other lights also means they’re much better for the environment. PEC’s lighting solutions can drastically reduce your businesses’ carbon footprint.

Our Process in Practice

We’ve successfully developed and implemented highly impactful lighting solutions for a wide variety of commercial establishments like yours. Here are a few of our many success stories:

We’ve completed over 7000 custom lighting projects, including lighting solutions for commercial establishments of all types and sizes.

Find out how PEC’s commercial lighting solutions could impact your facility.


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